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Unity, Action, Impact | Huasun's Contribution to Global Climate Change Solutions at COP28 China Corner Meeting


On December 11th, Jacky Chan, Director of Overseas Sales and Project Development Department at Huasun Energy, was invited to attend the Opportunities and Challenges of Energy Transition China Corner Meeting held during COP28. Together with representatives and leaders from government agencies, international organizations, research institutions, and energy enterprises, they discussed global trends in energy transition and the latest practices in China's energy transformation.


Amid the ongoing global efforts to transition energy structures, the path of energy transformation, exemplified by solar energy and prominently represented by China's photovoltaic industry, provides innovative benchmarks for the worldwide low-carbon development landscape. As a key participant and observer in this side event, Huasun has actively engaged in dialogue with the international community on energy transition, showcasing outstanding projects and practical cases utilizing heterojunction (HJT) photovoltaic technology to address global climate change. This has significantly contributed to fostering consensus and understanding in the global community regarding the imperative for energy transformation.




In the segment focusing on Innovative Technologies in the Renewable Energy Industry and International Cooperation Case Studies, Jacky offered a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in Huasun's 650MW Apriltsi Village project in Bulgaria. Located in the Apriltsi Village of Pazardzhik, a key town in southern Bulgaria, the project was initially designed with a capacity of 350MW. Over time, the project has evolved through four phases, expanding its scale to an impressive 650MW. Notably, it stands as the largest HJT photovoltaic ground station globally to date.







Due to a positive outlook on the future of heterojunction technology, the investors specifically stipulated the use of the latest photovoltaic cell technology. As a global leader in providing HJT products and solutions, Huasun supplied the project with a comprehensive range of high-efficiency HJT photovoltaic products. "We believe that within the next five years, HJT is poised to become the dominant technology in global solar module production," remarked Vesselin Zahariev, Chief Financial Officer of Solar Green Energy, during an interview with Xinhua News Agency's multimedia platform in October of this year.


Up to now, the actual installed capacity of the Apriltsi Village project stands at 400MW. Upon completion and connection to the grid, it is expected to generate an annual power output of 1,060 million kWh, resulting in a noteworthy reduction of 1,030 thousand tons of carbon emissions per year. This achievement promises significant economic benefits for the local community. Calculated at the current market price for carbon trading in Europe (€77.04/ton), the value of the project's carbon emissions reduction is estimated at €79.35 million. This not only underscores the environmentally friendly attributes, but also steers the transformation of the global energy landscape.





To validate the high reliability and high-power generation of its products, Huasun currently has multiple outdoor verification projects worldwide, including one located in the Dammam region of Saudi Arabia. The verification test report from the authoritative organization SGS (Standards Technical Services) for the Saudi project reveals that, between Oct 2nd - 25th of this year, the power generation of Huasun's G12-132 model HJT modules exceeded mainstream PERC modules by 6.41% and surpassed TOPCon modules by 4.58%. "We believe that the rigorous verification results and significant performance advantages can serve as a crucial foundation for expanding our international cooperation efforts."


Looking back over the past decade, the mutual investments between China and Arab countries have experienced exponential growth. Under the framework of jointly building the "Belt and Road," the two sides have implemented over 200 large-scale cooperative projects, benefiting nearly 2 billion people. In the future, Huasun will leverage its own strengths as a new energy enterprise, using HJT technology to construct a greener and cleaner future.