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Huasun Heterojunction Steers Southeast Asia Towards a Greener Future: Highlights from the Solar & Storage Live Philippines 2024


From May 20th to 21st, the Solar & Storage Live 2024 Philippines illuminated the SMX Convention Center in Manila, becoming the weathervane of renewable energy innovation in this country. Drawing together over 300 industry leaders and attracting tens of thousands of professionals and investors, this event not only provided a glimpse into the future of the Philippine and even Southeast Asian solar industry but also served as a hub for energy technology collaboration. At this dynamic showcase, Huasun Energy proudly showed its Himalaya and Everest series of high-efficiency heterojunction (HJT) modules, cells and wafers, adding a touch of brilliance to the Southeast Asian energy landscape with their exceptional quality and performance.


Over the past decade, the Philippines has seen slower growth in PV installed capacity, adding only 1.74GW in 2013-2023, and remaining unchanged from the same period last year with only 50MW added in 2023. Affected by many factors, such as energy scarcity, insufficient domestic investment, and rising residential electricity demand, the National Renewable Energy Plan (NREP) for 2020-2040 came into being, clearly setting the target of 35% renewable energy generation by 2030 and 50% by 2040, aiming to reduce dependence on fossil energy. With the launch of NREP, the Philippines's large power plant installation prospects have been significantly boosted - the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE) forecasts that nearly 1.985GW of PV installations will be added in 2024, of which 966.3MW is expected to be put into operation in the first half of the year.

In support of the Philippines's transition to a greener energy mix, Huasun is actively promoting its G12 and G12R series of high-efficiency HJT modules and solutions. By utilizing Huasun’s cutting-edge HJT 3.0 technology, the G12R series HJT modules capitalize on 182mm*105mm rectangular silicon wafers, integrating advanced technologies such as double-sided crystallite, light conversion films, and butyl adhesive. This meticulous engineering results in a remarkable conversion efficiency exceeding 23% and an impressive output power of 640W. By optimizing the utilization of solar resources, these modules significantly enhance power generation yield, embodying a breakthrough in solar technology.


Furthermore, the showcased G12-132 module is outfitted with cutting-edge zero busbar (0BB) heterojunction technology, which elevates its bifaciality of over 85% and optimizes the temperature coefficient to -0.24%/℃. This integration of 0BB technology not only satisfy the demands of project development in the Philippines's hot, humid, and unpredictable climate but also guarantees enhanced stability in power output over the long term, delivering greater value to customers.

Harnessing the gentle sea breezes of the Philippines, the V-ocean module, built upon the G12-132 design, sails through the waves with a maximum power output of 750W and an impressive conversion efficiency of 24.16%. In the challenging offshore environment, where conditions are complex and ever-changing, the photovoltaic modules face numerous hurdles, including high humidity, the likelihood of hot spots, intense winds, corrosive salt-mist, and significant temperature variations. Through meticulous material and structural optimization, Huasun has bolstered the stability of the V-ocean modules, ensuring their resilience in these demanding conditions.

Notably, Huasun’s V-ocean modules have earned prestigious certifications, including the "Certification of Offshore Photovoltaic Products and Their Components" from Bureau Veritas and the "Certification of Differentiated Application and Weatherability" from the National Center of Supervision and Inspection on Solar Photovoltaic Product Quality (CPVT). These accolades affirm the V-ocean modules as a trusted solution for offshore photovoltaic applications, embodying reliability and durability in maritime environments.


Peter Xiong, Sales Director Asia Pacific at Huasun, elaborated, "Our presence at this exhibition serves as a platform to spotlight our latest product advancements and technological breakthroughs. It's an opportunity for us to communicate Huasun's esteemed corporate ethos to our valued customers and to foster stronger local partnerships. We aspire to infuse the Philippine market with fresh vigor through our innovative technologies, new product offerings, and enhanced services, thereby driving the industry towards novel avenues of development."

Since entering the Southeast Asian market in 2023, Huasun has spearheaded the provision of high-efficiency HJT modules for diverse local PV projects, earning accolades from satisfied customers. Leveraging the platform of the Solar & Storage Live Philippines, Huasun aims to fortify its resource allocation strategies, prioritizing the deployment of efficient and dependable products. With long-term collaborative partnerships as its guiding force, Huasun sets sail on the winds of the Western Pacific, propelling the region towards a greener future at an accelerated pace.