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30-Year Dual Protection! Huasun Upgrades Its HJT Module'S Product Warranty


With the increasing popularity of solar power and the improvement of PV product performance, end users' requirements for the module's quality and reliability are becoming higher. After going deep into market research and comprehensive evaluation, Huasun recently officially issued Limited Warranty for Heterojunction Photovoltaic Modules —— Rooftop Market Series, extending the product warranty of six types of Himalaya HJT modules* to 30 years. So far, Huasun has become one of the RARE PV module manufacturers in China that can provide a 30-year product warranty and performance warranty, and is also the FIRST HJT company who can provide such a long-term warranty in both terms.

Utility Scale Solar Energy

At present, the mainstream time period of product warranty and power warranty in Chinese PV industry is 15 years and 25 years respectively. Huasun's Himalaya modules has launched an industry-leading 30-year linear performance warranty at its initial stage, which not only guaranteeing a longer protection period, but also a lower attenuation rate. Today, the product warranty has been extended to 30 years, fully demonstrating the firm confidence to our own products upon long-term stable performance.

HJT is recognized by the industry as one of the most promising high-efficienct cell technologies. Since its establishment, Huasun keeps concentrating on the technology development and mass production of HJT products and has reached several achievements. Regarding cell technology, Huasun has successfully applied single-sided microcrystalline to large scale manufacturering, which brings a substantial improvement in cell efficiency.

In order to maximize the efficiency advantages of cell technology in module production, Huasun has strictly controlled all aspects in product design, material selection and manufacturing, striving for excellence. The double-glass design takes full merits of HJT’s natural bifacial structure, which can not only effectively improves modules’ power generation capacity, but also makes them with better weather resistance. The advanced encapsulation technology can further block water vapor, prolong modules’ life cycle, and bring more benefits to customers.

Huasun has always been adhering to the business philosophy of customer first and quality first. As for the next step, Huasun’s 30-year product warranty will cover more countries and regions so as to provide more energy yield to more customers.

The six types of HJT modules with 30-year product warranty are: HS-B120DSB, HS-B120DSN, HS-S120DSB, HS-182-B108DSB, HS-182-B108DSN, HS-182-S108DSB, mainly for the European, Australian, Japanese and Korean markets. Please visit our website for the warranty details.