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Huasun Inks 3GW Supply Deal for Everest G12R Heterojunction Modules, Bolstering Solar Power Development in the Balkans


Huasun Energy has solidified a pivotal partnership with a prominent European solar project investor and EPC in Belgrade, Serbia, marking a significant step in advancing heterojunction (HJT) solar power initiatives across the Balkan Peninsula. Under the terms of the agreement, Huasun will commence delivering its innovative G12R Everest series HJT rectangular modules to support ground-mounted photovoltaic power projects in the region from next year onwards. The initial consignment of 150MW modules is slated for delivery to Bulgaria in the first half of 2024, followed by a subsequent phase encompassing a 240MW project. Over the ensuing three years, an estimated 3GW of Huasun's high-efficiency HJT rectangular modules will be dispatched to various countries in the Balkan Peninsula, including Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Turkey, and Croatia.



Jacky Chan, Director of Overseas KA Sales and Project Development of Huasun Energy attended the signing ceremony.


As the world's largest provider of vertically integrated heterojunction solar products, Huasun recently unveiled the industry's pioneering HJT module based on rectangular solar cells, the Everest G12R series. These modules leverage the HJT3.0 high-efficiency solar cell technology and feature 182mm*105mm rectangular cells. By incorporating cutting-edge processes such as bifacial microcrystalline, SMBB, light conversion film, and PIB, these modules are engineered to deliver a minimum efficiency of 23% and a peak power output of 640MW, surpassing other technology-based rectangular modules of the same type by 20W. This breakthrough product by Huasun significantly contributes to achieving elevated benchmarks of efficiency, power, reliability, and energy yield, while simultaneously reducing the Balance of System (BOS) costs and the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for photovoltaic power projects.




Adopting the Everest G12R modules translates to augmented project installed capacity, amplified energy yield per watt, and enhanced overall performance. Notably, the G12R-132 large-size modules, boasting a maximum power of 640W and a record efficiency of 23.69%, are meticulously tailored to maximize value for large-scale utility solar projects.




Illustratively, the Everest G12R series 630W module demonstrates a 3.2% increase in energy yield per watt compared to the TopCon 600W rectangular module. This leads to substantial savings in racking, land usage, cables, and other system components, resulting in a 2.6% reduction in LCOE and a 3.9% escalation in IRR. Based on these compelling advantages, our European partner has opted for Huasun's state-of-the-art Everest modules, which promise to robustly bolster the construction and operation of solar power projects in Bulgaria and beyond.


The consummation of this strategic agreement lays a firm foundation for sustained collaboration between the two entities, underscoring unwavering confidence in the regional reception of the Everest series HJT rectangular products. The Huasun team remains steadfastly committed to advancing HJT technology through research and development, propelling its industrialization, and furnishing global users with superlative HJT solar products and services.