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Weather-Resistance Upgraded, Huasun'S Ultra-High-Efficient HJT Modules Light Up The Roofs In Tunisia And Switzerland


In Tunisia downtown, a roof installed with Huasun Himalaya M6-120 all-black modules is distinctly different from the local unique white buildings. The total installed capacity of the rooftop project is 180KW, and will bring about 3.226 million kWh of annual power generation. The commercial rooftop project will not only provide the host with more economical clean energy, but also become a part of architectural aesthetics.

Utility Solar Panels

Adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia has a typical subtropical Mediterranean climate. With abundant sunshine,  winter here is mild and rainy, while summer is hot and dry. The advantage of HJT module's temperature coefficient (-0.26%/°C) is significantly outstanding in such highly humid and intensely hot environments. Combined with SMBB multi-busbar design and non-destructive cutting process of the cells, Huasun HJT panels have stronger power generation capacity and more stable power generation performance than that of other types of PV module.

To further improve the reliability of HJT module, PIB was added to the edge of modules. This kind of polymer material was internationally recognized with the best air-tightness and water-tightness, which can effectively block the intrusion of water vapor and resist the attenuation caused by ultraviolet radiation. With the encapsulation of PIB, the weather resistance of Huasun's module has been further improved and its service life has been significantly extended as well.

The solar rooftop project in Thun, Switzerland, with the installed capacity of 43KW, is Huasun's first project, to which the frameless HJT modules with PIB encapsulation are successfully applied. In winter, by virtue of the excellent weak light performance of HJT, the duration of time of modules power generation is extended both in the morning and evening, as well as in the cloudy days. The generation capacity and revenue is much higher than that of other products. Besides, as there is frequent rain and snow at the project site, the frameless design will accelerate the snow and rainwater to slide off the module, which means better self-cleaning ability than that of framed products.

Utility Solar Cost Per Watt

As of December 31, 2022, Huasun has delivered over 1GW of HJT products to nearly 30 countries around the globe, and is favored by distributors and customers overseas. A large number of Huasun's HJT modules have arrived overseas. Huasun has been actively participating in the transformation of the global energy structure. In the future, Huasun will strengthen the cooperation with global partners, strive to build more renewable energy projects and contribute to the goal of global sustainable development.