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Shining Award In The New Year, Huasun'S Himalaya G12-132 Module Has Won The PV Magazine Award 2022 In The Modules Category!


Recently, Huasun's Himalaya G12-132 module has won the PV Magazine Award 2022 in the Modules category issued by PV Magazine, an international authoritative media in the new energy industry.

PV Magazine Award

Every year, PV Magazine brings together global independent jury of the PV industry to issue awards in seven categories for technological innovations and breakthrough solutions in the field of PV and energy storage. This year, Huasun’s Himalaya G12-132 module won the unanimous praise of the jury by its advantages of silicon-based and TCO thin films technology, as well as excellent product performance and quality.

The module is made of 132 pieces 210mm ultra-high-efficienct HJT half cells, with the bifacility of more than 85%. The maximum module power from mass production can reach 700W and the highest module efficiency goes up to 22.5%. The module is in simple aesthetic design, combining high efficiency and great appearance. It not only has the characteristics of high power, high efficiency, and high bifaciality, but also has the features of lower attenuation, better low-light response, higher reliability, and more stable power generation performance, which can be widely used in floating power stations, power stations in desert areas, agricultural PV parks, etc., to help alleviate the global energy crisis.

'There are many discussions about improving the efficiency of solar cells. Huasun's Himalaya G12 series has made the industry see more possibilities in improving the conversion rate of HJT technology.' Eckhart K. Gouras commented, who's the President of PV Magazine. HJT has the advantages both in conversion efficiency and power generation, and is currently receiving close attention from plenty of industrial capital. We, professional in hjt solar panel, are very pleased to see that Huasun has always focused on the field of HJT and keeps improving the efficiency and reducing costs of PV products.'

Regarding the product quality and performance, Matthew Jin, general manager of Huasun Sales&Marketing Center, has repeatedly emphasized in different occasions: "The market has directly sent us the feedback on product quality. At present, we have the world's largest HJT production capacity of 2.7GW, and the products we sold have won customers' trust, which directly verifies the excellent quality of Huasun's products. However, we won't stop exploring and will continue to promote the innovation of HJT technology keep-going."

It was a year full of drastic changes in the global PV industry in 2022. There is no end on innovation and Huasun will never stop pursuiting technological innovation. In the future, Huasun will continue to undertake its responsibilities, forge ahead, and lead the industry towards a different future.