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Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.

Building a Green HJT Industry Chain to Promote High-Quality Development for PV Industry


During the 2nd China Photovoltaic Green Supply Chain Conference on August 17th, Dr. Wenjing Wang, CTO of Huasun Energy, delivered a speech on the topic of Building a More Sustainable HJT Industry Chain. He conveyed how heterojunction solar technology is making a greener industry chain with higher efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, longer lifespan, and lower costs.


When it comes to saving costs on silicon wafers, HJT has a competitive edge over TOPCON. Edge isolation cutting, high-oxygen & high-impurity wafers, and ultra-thin wafers are key for cost reduction. Utilizing half-cell cutting technology enhances the efficiency of silicon rod edge materials, while gettering techniques decrease the demand for metal impurity content in silicon materials. Furthermore, HJT stands as the sole cell technology pathway that is compatible with thin silicon wafers and maintains high efficiency.


The innovation in HJT lies in pursuing of simplification. The manufacturing process has been streamlined, leading to fewer steps and reduced energy consumption. To achieve cost efficiency, adopting new processes such as silver-coated copper, indium-free TCO, zero busbar (0BB), and electroplating copper is underway.


Enhancing efficiency remains the most crucial approach to cost efficiency. Huasun's double-sided microcrystalline HJT modules currently exceed their PERC counterparts by a power output of approximately 40-50W. Moreover, the successful application of silver-coated copper paste has resulted in a nearly 1% increase in power generation compared to pure silver modules. As per the roadmap, the formal integration of zero busbar (0BB) production is expected in 2023H2 or 2024B. Starting from 2024, electroplated copper is poised to totally replace silver-containing pastes.