Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.
Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.

World's FIRST 182R HJT Cell Factory with a Capacity of 3.6GW Will Start Production in Huasun Wuxi Plant


On August 15th, the first equipment of Huasun Wuxi High-efficiency HJT Intelligent Manufacturing Project (Phase I) was successfully moved into the plant, marking the further expansion of Huasun's HJT production capacity.


"Facing challenges such as high temperatures, heavy rains, and typhoons, we set a new record in Huasun Speed for production base construction in a mere 5 months!


Gao Baocai, General Manager of Wuxi Plant, stated that it's a significant milestone for Huasun. In the upcoming phases, including equipment debugging, first cell production, and mass production, the plant will focus on enhancing efficiency and ensuring quality to unleash the high-quality production capacity swiftly.


As the world's first 182R heterojunction solar cell factory, Wuxi plant is set to craft with double-sided microcrystalline 182R HJT cells. With an annual production capacity of 3.6GW, worth around US$ 412 million, meeting the growing market demand for HJT solar products, and gathering industrial enterprises for a new highland of heterojunction technology.