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Top Performer: Huasun's Himalaya HJT Modules Have Passed Rigorous PVEL Reliability Testing


[Headline City], [Headline Country], May 31, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- On May 23rd, PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), a globally recognized third-party testing laboratory, released the 2023 PV Module Reliability Scorecard. The report outlined that the Huasun Himalaya G12 series HJT modules passed the comprehensive reliability testing conducted by PVEL, earning the prize of "Top Performer" for their outstanding product reliability and excellent power-generation performance.

The "Top Performer" selection by PVEL is based on the testing results of the Product Qualification Program (PQP), where the participating samples are randomly chosen to undergo stringent tests to determine reliability. As an acknowledgment of the comprehensiveness of the testing, PQP testing results are regarded as a crucial reference for investors and developers when selecting high-quality modules.


The Huasun Himalaya G12 series HJT modules performed well in all six tests, with an average power degradation rate of 1.2%, and passed the reliability testing of Top Performer by PVEL(PV Evolution Labs).

The Huasun Himalaya G12 series HJT modules, which were selected for testing, performed well in all six tests, with an average power degradation rate of 1.2%. Notably, in the mechanical stress test sequence (static load + dynamic load + damp heat cycle + damp freeze cycle), which is the test with the highest failure rate, the power degradation of Himalaya G12 series modules was only 1.29%, demonstrating the outstanding load capacity of Huasun's double-glass 210 large-format HJT modules.

In the light-induced degradation test sequence, the power degradation of the Himalaya G12 series modules was almost negligible. Additionally, the performance of the modules in other test sequences, such as damp heat, thermal cycling, and PAN, was also outstanding. This is not only attributed to the inherent characteristics of HJT cells, which are free from PID (Potential-Induced Degradation) and LID (Light-Induced Degradation) but also closely tied to Huasun's innovative development techniques and processes.


The advanced double-sided micro-crystalline HJT cells, combined with light conversion film encapsulation and PIB sealing, enable Huasun's HJT modules not only to achieve higher power generation but also enhanced water resistance, corrosion resistance, air-tightness, and superior resistance to UV sensitivity. In practical applications, too, Himalaya G12 series HJT modules demonstrate lower power degradation and more stable performance than other types of photovoltaic modules.

Tristan Erion Lorico, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of PVEL, praised the performance of Huasun’s HJT modules, stating that HJT technology has "truly entered the mainstream spotlight through Huasun's efforts." He notes the impressive performance of Himalaya G12 series modules in testing is expected to attract more attention and says he looks forward to Huasun continuing to bring more high-quality photovoltaic products to the market.

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