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The First Batch Of 210mm Cells Successfully Went Off The Production Line In Huasun 2GW High-Efficiency Micro-Crystalline Hjt Factory


On April 30th, the first batch of 210mm cells went off Huasun 2GW high-efficiency micro-crystalline HJT production line without a hitch. In terms of ISFH standard, the cell efficiency reached 24.68%, which meant Huasun had completely entered the mass production era of big-size high-efficiency cells and modules.

Comparing to the first batch cell from Huasun amorphous silicon HJT factory with efficiency of 23.4%, all terms of this batch of cell had great improvement with efficiency of 24.68%, open circuit voltage of 0.746V and current density of 39mA/cm² and it showed the great potential of micro-crystalline HJT technology on efficiency improvement. With further debugging of the technique, the average cell efficiency in mass production will achieve 25% soon. Huasun’s 210mm micro-crystalline HJT cells are in larger size with higher efficiency, and that leads to superior electricity generation ability. Modules made out of 210mm micro-crystalline HJT cells can conspicuously reduce projects' LCOE cost, so as to meet market's demand and help Huasun extend its leading merits in high-efficiency module market.

HJT factory

Huasun phase 2 high-efficiency micro-crystalline HJT factory started construction in September 2021.On February 28th, the first equipment was carried into the factory. By closely cooperating with contractors and suppliers,Huasun overcame the effect of COVID-19 and finished the move-in of all equipment in mid April. With the first batch of 210mm cells smoothly produced on April 30th, Huasun created another marvel on construction and production of HTJ project by finishing the whole process within 8 months. According to plan, Huasun will accomplish all equipment's debugging and starting production at the end of June, date on which Huasun will own 2.7GW capacity of high-efficient HJT solar cells and modules respectively, ranking as the largest HJT manufacturer in the world. The miracle would happend only 23 months since Huasun was founded. Besides, Huasun had started the construction bidding for its factory phase3, focusing on double-sided micro-crystalline HJT technology.

All the time, Huasun devotes to realizing HJT's large-scale industrialization and commercialization and targeting to lead new photovaltic era. By keeping exploring and practicing low-cost and productive way in HJT mass production, and accelerating HJT's promotion and application, Huasun collaborates with the entire industrial chain and will run with persistence for its goal of "bringing superior solar energy into life, making home more livable and beautiful".