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Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.

Huasun's First Show In 2023!


Huasun will participate in The World Future Energy Summit(WFES)will be hold on Jan 16-18th in Abu Dhabi. As the pioneer of HJT technology, Huasun will display Himalaya high-efficient  HJT modules, G12 and M6 Series, HJT cells and wafers, at booth #8345.

Hjt Solar Cell

Huasun HJT modules own -0.26%/℃ temperature coefficient, which means that the modules have better and more stable power generation performance in a hot climate. HJT's natural bifacial symmetrical structure makes the modules bifacility up to 95%, which can bring more energy yield from the back side.  N-type wafer does not have B-O bond, resulting in no LID or PID effect, which can guarantee less power loss in the cycle life. These features of Huasun HJT module mkes it very suitable for the environment of the Middle East.

WFES will be Huasun's first show in 2023. In this year, Huasun will further strengthen its layout in overseas and launch more great HJT products for different application scenario.

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