Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.
Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.

Huasun Hefei Base Commenced Production of 182R HJT Solar Cells


Recently, Huasun has made significant progress with its 5GW high-efficiency HJT solar cell and module production facility in Hefei. The plant has successfully completed the first solar cell production line and produced its initial batch of 182mm rectangular (182R) heterojunction solar cells.


This progress achieves a milestone in the construction of this world's largest single-capacity HJT cell plant, making it as a flagship facility in the solar industry. Huasun’s Himalaya family will soon include the new 182R solar cells, offering customers worldwide a diverse range of solar products.


The 182R HJT solar cells are part of Huasun's strategic layout targeting for industry trends and market demands. The cells introduce a single-source, high-power process that significantly increases the potential efficiency of monocrystalline cells. Additionally, the dual-sided silver-copper technique improves cell efficiency while significantly reducing metallization costs.


According to Huasun Hefei Base, with the optimization of  equipment and introduction of NBB (None BusBar) technology, the average power output of 182R double-sided monocrystalline HJT modules is expected to exceed 630W, with the module efficiency reaching the highest available in the market, further paving the way for the industrialization of HJT.