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Ole! Sparked in Madrid, Huasun danced fiery steps of flamenco


On February 23, Genera2023, the EU's premiere energy and environment fair was successfully concluded at the IFEMA Expo Center in Madrid. At the show, Huasun displayed its high-efficient HJT solar modules, Himalaya G12-132 and M6-120, to share the cutting-edge solutions and latest innovative technologies with global partners.


The star products of Huasun have attracted many customer's attentions. Vistors said that those features of Himalaya series HJT modules, including higher power, higher efficiency, higher reliability, lower attenuation, lower LCOE and great ROI, will open up a very broad market prospect in Europe.

Both M6-120 series and G12-132 series modules are based on N-type HJT cell technology, and have great advantages in investment cost, power generation revenue, system compatibility, and the convenience of transportation as well as of manual installation.


G12-132 is especially designed for large-scale utility power stations, with a maximum power output of 700W, and a maximum module efficiency of 22.53% in mass production. G12 series represents the excellent genes of Huasun’s products. While M6-120 is super-light and easy for transportation and installation, which is an ideal choice for residential rooftop projects.

Southern Europe is one of the most active PV markets. Criss Jin said, director of International Sales of Huasun. "Huasun will accelerate its layout in European market through innovative technologies and high-quality products, so as to provide support for countries that wants to develop clean energy."