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Heterojunction Lighted up in Melbourne, Huasun Unveiled HJT Products at All-Energy Australia


The prestigious All-Energy Australia 2023 took place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) on October 25th-26th. Huasun Energy made a remarkable debut at the exhibition by showcasing a diverse range of high-efficiency heterojunction (HJT) photovoltaic modules, cells, and wafers. In addition, the Huasun team conducted informative HJT technology analysis sessions and market application lectures, delivering an exceptional HJT experience to the Asia-Pacific audience. The booth was adorned with vibrant displays and accompanied by high-quality sound, creating an engaging and lively atmosphere.




All-Energy Australia, organized by the Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC), stands as the largest international clean energy exhibition in Australia. It attracts tens of thousands of industry suppliers and renewable energy experts from around the globe. This event serves as a platform for global PV experts to convene and discuss Australia's energy trends and the advancements in new technologies.


High-efficiency HJT Products for Australia PV Market

Australia's abundant sunshine and vast land make it an ideal location for solar energy development. With over 12GW of heterojunction cell and module capacity in production, Huasun Energy has been at the forefront of realizing mass production using microcrystalline and silver-coated copper processes. The comprehensive product system and industry-leading energy efficiency contributes to meeting the diverse needs of the Australian photovoltaic (PV) market.




In line with the growing interest in solar energy, Australia is projected to witness the installation of approximately 5.05GW of new photovoltaic systems in 2023, with more than 2GW dedicated to residential distributed projects. These installations will play a crucial role in reshaping Australia's energy landscape and driving the further development of the PV industry. At All-Energy Australia this year, Huasun showcased the Himalaya G10-108 HJT module that specifically targets the residential solar market.




The module comes in two designs at the show: black frame with white grid and black frame with transparent glass, catering to different customer preferences. With a maximum output power of 450W, it surpasses other modules of the same version by 40W, resulting in an average daily power generation gain of around 6%. This impressive performance has garnered significant attention from visitors, leading to productive discussions and negotiations at Huasun's booth during the exhibition.


HJT- Lead the New Era of Photovoltaic

Heterojunction (HJT) cells indeed offer several advantages in the photovoltaic industry, Combining the strengths of crystalline silicon and thin film technologies, heterojunction performs better with excellent efficiency and performance, representing a promising direction for the development of the next generation of photovoltaic cell platform technologies.




In areas with abundant sunlight, such as Australia, the power generation potential of HJT modules is particularly noteworthy compared to traditional products. Industry estimates suggest that HJT modules can achieve a power generation gain approximately 6% higher than PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) modules and over 3% higher than TOPCon (Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact) modules in the eastern region of Australia.


During the exhibition, Huasun's technical team provided an on-site presentation on high-efficiency heterojunction technology and its market applications. They explained how Huasun's modules achieve their "four high" advantages: high efficiency, high power output, high double-sided rate (ability to generate electricity from both sides), and high reliability. These advantages are achieved through meticulous manufacturing processes, including the initial wafer production stage. Additionally, Huasun's modules possess "four low" characteristics: low temperature coefficient, low Light-Induced Degradation (LID), low Potential-Induced Degradation (PID), and low carbon emissions. These features contribute to lower electricity costs and improved power generation performance for end-users.




Another notable product showcased at the exhibition was the Himalaya G12-132 V-ocean module, which represents the highest power output within Huasun's HJT family. This version of the module has been certified by authoritative institutions and achieves a power output of 744.43W with a conversion efficiency of 23.96%. The G12-20BB heterojunction cells used in this module were also introduced to the local audience. These cells employ low-temperature silver paste and high-density fine-grid printing technology. The average efficiency of the highest mass-production batch from Huasun Xuancheng Phase 4 Cell Project has reached 26.2%, further supporting the higher power output of the module.


Deep Cooperation Achieved, Globalization Continues



On the first day of All-Energy Australia 2023, Huasun signed a MoU with Prosun Solar, a renowned Australian PV distributor, to supply 150MW of high-efficiency HJT products to the local market. During the signing ceremony, Prosun Solar CEO Muhammad Mahmood expressed his excitement for this partnership, stating that Huasun's Himalaya HJT modules have exceptional power generation capabilities and can provide better economic returns for users. This product aligns perfectly with Prosun Solar's needs, and they are eager to deepen their cooperation to achieve a win-win situation while helping Australian customers transition towards a green future.




Throughout the two-day exhibition, Huasun provided visitors with sumptuous afternoon tea, presentations, and signing activities and engaged in multiple rounds of online and offline interactions with visitors, offering wonderful gifts and non-stop booth parties.


The visit to Australia marked a significant milestone in Huasun's global expansion strategy and yielded fruitful results. Moving forward, Huasun will drive product innovation, continuously enhance HJT products and solutions, and take the lead in advancing the industrialization of high-efficiency HJT technology worldwide.