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Hello Istanbul! Huasun Heterojunction Boosts Turkey's Green Energy Growth


From April 4th to 6th, Huasun Energy made its debut in Istanbul, Turkey, showcasing the Everest G12R Series and the Himalaya G12 Series modules, cells, and wafers at the Solarex Istanbul. This presented a dazzling new landscape of heterojunction (HJT) photovoltaic technology to local audiences.


With economic and population growth, Turkey's energy consumption has increased by 8% annually over the past decade, making it the third-largest electricity consumer in the Middle East. According to BNEF forecasts, the demand for PV installations in Turkey is expected to steadily increase between 2024 and 2030. Meanwhile, Turkey boasts abundant solar energy resources, with most regions having a PV potential of 1,400-1,800 kWh per year, according to data from the World Bank Group.


Source: BNEF

As a country with high demand for solar cells, the Turkish market is particularly interested in new technologies and efficient power generation products for applications in industrial and commercial settings, as well as ground-mounted installations. The symmetric structure, simple four-step process, and lower carbon footprint of HJT solar cells make them ideal representatives for the Turkish market.


Participating in Solarex Istanbul for the first time, Huasun Everest G12R and Himalaya G12 HJT solar cells attracted many visitors.



Everest G12R solar cells, fully equipped with double-sided microcrystalline and SMBB ultra-density technology, are the world's first HJT PV cells made with 182mm*105mm rectangular ultra-thin silicon wafers. With an average efficiency of 25.5% in mass production, they further support module power up to 640W. Additionally, the Himalaya G12 HJT solar cells achieve an average production efficiency of 25.8%, reaching a maximum of 26.2%, driving the G12-132 module power beyond the 750W mark, with an efficiency of 24.16%.


As a crossroad spanning Asia and Europe, Turkey experiences hot summers, where the extremely low temperature coefficient of -0.24% of Huasun HJT solar cells ensures better power generation performance. Leveraging efficient HJT 3.0 technology, Huasun empowers PV products to reach new heights in power generation capacity, injecting sustained momentum into Turkey's green energy industry.


At Solarex, Huasun successfully showcased its leading position in the field of HJT solar industry. Huasun HJT products received widespread attention and praise from Turkish audiences, particularly for their high-efficiency HJT solar cell products, which hold tremendous potential in the market and provide a reliable solution for future renewable energy development in Turkey.


Huasun global journey is continuing, see you at next stop: Abu Dhabi!