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2.02GW! Huasun Has Won the World's Largest Single Procurement Order for HJT Modules


Recently, Dali Huasun Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has officially signed a cooperation agreement with PowerChina HuaDong Engineering Corporation Limited (HDEC) to supply a total of 2.02GW of Himalaya G12-132 type high-efficiency heterojunction (HJT) modules for their photovoltaic (PV) power EPC project in Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China, setting a new global record for HJT modules supply in a single procurement order.


The Himalaya G12-132 type HJT modules, which were awarded in this bid, currently represent the highest-level PV modules available in mass production, with the maximum power output of 730.55W and the maximum conversion efficiency of 23.52%. The modules adopted double-sided microcrystalline cell technology, along with light conversion film and PIB encapsulation, resulting in enhanced power generation performance. Furthermore, the modules have successfully passed the rigorous Product Qualification Program (PQP) test conducted by PVEL and have been honored as "Top Performers" with an annual energy yield increase of up to 4%.


The 2.02GW procurement project comprises 26 PV power stations that span across various areas in Dali. Matthew Jin, General Manager of Huasun's Sales & Marketing Center, stated that we will ensure both the quality and quantity of each delivery batch, thereby illuminating every corner with clean energy generated by Huasun's HJT modules.




As a global leading supplier of HJT products and solutions, Huasun has an annual HJT production capacity of 5.1GW, with plans to expand it to 40 GW by 2025. Huasun has already successfully delivered near 2GW of high-efficiency HJT products to more than 30 countries worldwide, solidifying its leading position in mass production and level of HJT technology.


Technological iteration is a trend that cannot be halted. Together with us, Huasun is dedicated to providing clean energy to every corner and shaping a more sustainable future!