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With Maximum Conversion Efficiency of 25.58%, the First Batch of Bifacial Microcrystalline 210mm HJT Cells of Huasun Launched!


On July 28th, the 3GW bifacial microcrystalline HJT solar cell project in Phase IV of Huasun Energy, located in Xuancheng, achieved full-line operation. The project successfully completed the production of the first batch of 210mm cells, with the highest conversion efficiency reaching an impressive 25.58%!


The bifacial microcrystalline technology has shown remarkable efficiency improvements for HJT solar cells. On March 14th of this year, Huasun's first bifacial microcrystalline HJT solar cell factory in Phase III of Xuancheng successfully produced its initial batch of 182mm cells, achieving an efficiency breakthrough exceeding 25%. This represents the efficiency gain of nearly 0.5% compared to the initial batch of monofacial microcrystalline 210mm HJT solar cells in Xuancheng Phase II.


Based on the mass production experience of Xuancheng Phase III over the past four months, Xuancheng Phase IV has implemented process improvements and equipment upgrades in various stages, including cleaning texturing, PVD, CVD, and screen printing. As a result, the efficiency of the first batch of cells achieved a groundbreaking 25.58%. This not only surpasses the efficiency record of the initial batch of cells in Xuancheng Phase III, but also sets a new industry record for the production efficiency of HJT solar cells.


It is worth mentioning that, despite being the initial batch, with no process or equipment optimization, the highest conversion efficiency achieved in Xuancheng Phase IV's first cell production is only 1.23% lower than the efficiency record achieved during the development of HJT solar cells.


"We believe that with further refinement and maturity in all aspects of the process, Huasun's bifacial microcrystalline HJT solar cell's average production efficiency will remain consistently above 25.5%," stated by Head of R&D Center at Huasun.


"We are grateful for the team's relentless dedication, once again showcasing the 'Huasun speed.' We anticipate that the average production output power of the Himalaya G12-132 using 210mm bifacial microcrystalline cells will exceed 725W, making it the most efficient mass-produced module in the market!" said Jimmy Xu, Chairman of Huasun.


As of now, Huasun has invested in 8.1GW of HJT solar cell and module production capacity. Additionally, the construction of production bases in Xuancheng, Dali, Wuxi, and Feixi is well underway. The company is on track to achieve a minimum of 10GW of full production capacity within this year, leading to a total HJT capacity of 20GW, thus solidifying its position as a global frontrunner in the industry.