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Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.

Huasun Wuxi 3.6GW High-Efficiency Heterojunction Solar Cell Project Commences Production


Wuxi, Jiangsu Province - On January 21st, Huasun celebrated the inauguration of its groundbreaking 3.6GW High-Efficiency Heterojunction (HJT) Solar Cell Project in Xishan Economic and Technological Development Zone. This pioneering initiative not only represents the world's first 210R HJT solar cell factory but also marks the successful completion and commencement of production for Xishan District's first provincial-level major project this year.



Distinguished government officials including Mayor Zhao Jianjun, Deputy Mayor Zhou Wendong, along with Huasun Chairman Jimmy Xu, CTO Wang Wenjing, and Huasun key partners, attended the ceremony.


During the event, Chairman Jimmy Xu highlighted Wuxi's position as the birthplace of China's photovoltaic and semiconductor industries, boasting a fully integrated photovoltaic industry chain, a stable supply chain, and a robust talent pool. The project's launch signifies Huasun's deep-rooted commitment to this vibrant photovoltaic hub. Xu further emphasized the Wuxi government's resolute choice of heterojunction technology and Huasun's unwavering dedication to delivering on their promise of "acquiring land, constructing, and commencing production within a year." With continuous process enhancements, the Huasun Wuxi Base is poised to manufacture HJT cells with an efficiency exceeding 26%, effectively addressing the strong market demand for high-efficiency HJT cells.




Driven by relentless technological innovation and industrial expertise, Huasun has emerged as a global leader in large-scale, cost-effective, and high-efficiency production of HJT products, including cells and modules. The Huasun Wuxi HJT Solar Cell Intelligent Manufacturing Project, with a total investment of RMB 5.4 billion, signifies a significant step forward. The first phase, featuring a 3.6GW production capacity, commenced construction in March 2023, equipment installation was completed by August, and trial production commenced in January 2024. The project is expected to generate an annual output value exceeding RMB 2 billion.




Huasun aims to further expand investments in Wuxi, fostering collaboration with upstream and downstream enterprises to establish Xishan as a prominent hub for the heterojunction photovoltaic industry, contributing to the realization of a carbon-neutral world. Liu Ruikang, Deputy General Manager of Huasun Wuxi, signed Memorandum of Understanding with six commercial banks, including Bank of China and Huaxia Bank, ensuring robust financial support for the ongoing development and project construction at Huasun Wuxi Base.




Following the ceremony, guests were given a tour of the company's workshop, where they witnessed firsthand the cutting-edge innovation showcased through the innovative heterojunction 210R bifacial microcrystalline cell processing, the highly intelligent production management system, and the ultra-high-speed automated production equipment. The guests expressed their full recognition of Huasun's remarkable achievements in driving technological progress and building a robust supply chain for HJT technology. They also shared unwavering confidence in the future development of Wuxi's heterojunction photovoltaic industry.