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Huasun Highlights Next-Generation Heterojunction Technology at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week Thailand 2024


Huasun's 2024 Heterojunction Global Tour sets sail again!


From July 3 to 5, the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2024, Southeast Asia's premier renewable energy technology event, took place as scheduled. Huasun Energy made a spectacular appearance in Bangkok, Thailand, bringing new opportunities for sustainable green development to the ASEAN region.


With abundant sunlight, the ASEAN countries boast ideal conditions for developing the photovoltaic (PV) industry. Coupled with rapidly growing electricity demand and strong governmental support for renewable energy, ASEAN member states have set an ambitious goal for renewable energy to account for 35% of total installed capacity by 2025. According to Global Energy Monitor, by the end of 2023, a large number of PV projects have already been implemented across ASEAN, making solar power the fastest-growing and largest clean energy source in the region.




At the exhibition, Huasun showcased a diverse range of heterojunction (HJT) products, including the Everest G12R series, Himalaya V-Ocean, and 0BB modules. These products cover a wide array of application scenarios, from residential and commercial & industrial (C&I) to utility-scale solar power stations, significantly aiding in the development of new market applications.


Huasun also presented its latest HJT-perovskite tandem cells to the ASEAN audience, demonstrating its leading position in efficiency and technological innovation. By stacking perovskite cells on top of crystalline silicon cells, these tandem cells can potentially overcome the efficiency limitations of single-junction silicon cells, pushing the theoretical maximum conversion efficiency up to 43%. Additionally, HJT and perovskite cells possess unique adaptation advantages in low-temperature processes and TCO layer integration, garnering enthusiastic interest from numerous PV enthusiasts at the event.


Huasun's collaboration with ASEAN countries has deepened, with its advanced HJT technology already applied in several projects, receiving widespread acclaim. In 2023, Huasun partnered with Thailand's renowned EPC company, Grow Energy, to jointly promote floating PV, ground power stations, and commercial and industrial distributed projects in Thailand, contributing to the construction of local clean energy.


Prior to the exhibition, at the 3rd Solar Energy Storage Future Asia 2024, Jacky Chan, Director of Overseas KA Sales & Project Development at Huasun, detailed the company's first successful PV project in Thailand. Located at the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority head office, this project has been operational since March this year, marking a significant initiative in the client's pursuit of green development. Huasun's HJT modules are installed not only on the rooftops and carports of the building but also on the surrounding water surfaces, showcasing their application advantages in diverse environments.


Additionally, in Vietnam, a key player in the ASEAN solar industry, Huasun supplied 20MW of Himalaya G12-132 HJT modules to a factory in Yên Dũng Industrial Park, Bac Giang province. It is estimated that these modules can provide approximately 21 million kWh of green electricity annually, reducing nearly 20,000 tons of carbon emissions and saving about 6,800 tons of standard coal.


The success at this exhibition not only demonstrated Huasun's technical prowess and market influence but also injected new vitality into the sustainable development of ASEAN. Looking ahead, Huasun will continue to strengthen cooperation with ASEAN countries, promote the implementation of more efficient PV projects, and jointly achieve the shared vision of green and low-carbon development.