Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.
Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.

Huasun Has Completed Series B Financing Of Over 2 Billion RMB


Recently, Huasun raised over 2 billion RMB in Series B financing. This round of financing was led by CNBM (Anhui) New Materials Fund, followed by Wuxi Originvest Fund, Chuanghe Xincai Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Fund (SDIC-Xiamen Tungsten Industry Fund), GLP Hidden Hill Capital, Dayone Capital and other institutions, and was further injected by original shareholders such as Hefei Industry Investment Group, Guoyao Capital, Nuoyan Capital, Puhua Capital and Jiuwan Capital. The financing funds will be mainly used to expand the production capacity of high-efficienct heterojunction (HJT) cells and modules and continued investment in technology research and development.

In less than three years after its establishment, Huasun solar has been working hard and moving forward with determination. With the care and support of the government and industrial partners at all levels, the company has made rapid progress in technology R&D, manufacturing and operation management, and achieved the fastest construction, fastest production, highest efficiency and most shipments, creating an exciting "Huasun Speed".

Huasun has continually achieved breakthroughs in production capacity layout. At present, the company has its headquarters in Xuancheng, Anhui Province, and three other production bases in Dali, Wuxi and Hefei, to keep upgrading its products and remains its leading position in the industry.

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Guo Hui, General Manager of CNBM New Materials Fund, the leading investor of this round of funding, said, "As the leader of global HJT technology, Huasun brings together the top technological and managerial team in the industry, and is an innovation-oriented representative in China's solar industry. We highly recognize the research capacity, industrialization ability and entrepreneurial spirit of the team, and we are honored to work together with Huasun, and will continue to support Huasun in speeding up its technology innovation and industry plan in the future. "

Liu Ming, Executive Vice President of Chuanghe Xincai Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Fund, said, "Huasun is the pioneer and leader in HJT field, and we highly endorse its R&D capability and industrialization ability. As an industrial fund, we made a strategical investment in Huasun, as a crucial step of the fund's overall arrangement in solar industry. "

Dongfang Hao, Chairman and Managing Partner of GLP Hidden Hill Capital, said, "With the rapid development in solar industry, HJT technology is expected to replace PERC as one of the next generation mainstream technologies. As a TOP company in domestic HJT industry, Huasun continues to explore the cutting-edge technology to reduce costs and increase efficiency. "As a practitioner of carbon neutrality, GLP, is expecting to accompany Huasun to grow into a leading solar company in the HJT era.

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The successful completion of the financing represents that the market has a full recognition of HJT’s development prospect and of Huasun as a leading HJT manufacturer. With the financial support from top investment institutions as well as industrial synergy and strategic support, Huasun will insist on steadily expanding production capacity, increasing R&D investment, strengthening the cultivation of high-tech talents and accelerating the industrialization plan of high efficiency HJT technology.

Xu Xiaohua, Chairman of Huasun, said, "In 2023, we will witness that HJT achieves a parity cost to PERC. HJT technology will quickly go through the last few key steps of the stage “from zero to one” and enter into the huge expansion in the stage of “from one to the next iteration! As the pioneer of HJT technology, Huasun will persistently focus on technology innovation, firmly promote the marketization and commercialization of HJT technology, and provide soalr products with the best power generation performance and the greatest investment return to customers! "