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Huasun Expounds on Reliability and Durability of Heterojunction Modules at PVTECH Webinar


With the theme of "Reliability and Durability of Heterojunction Modules," PV Tech Huasun Special Webinar was successfully held on July 10th, 2024. Hosted by Ben Willis, Editor in Chief at Solar Media, the webinar featured Christian Comes, Head of Business Development Europe at Huasun Energy. The webinar explored how Huasun heterojunction (HJT) modules have evolved into ultra-reliable photovoltaic products. These advancements enhance the development and application of PV projects through advanced technology, reliable encapsulation, rigorous testing, and sustainable development.

Reliability is one of the key advantages of Huasun’s HJT modules. Christian Comes explained that Huasun has successfully implemented light conversion film and butyl adhesive in mass production lines. Compared to conventional materials, this not only improves light utilization but also significantly enhances the modules' UV and humidity resistance, effectively extending their lifecycle and ensuring stable and efficient energy yield.


Building on this, Christian Comes introduced Huasun's zero busbar (0BB) heterojunction technology. This technology reduces the shading area on the surface of solar cells, increasing the light-receiving area of the modules and better leveraging the inherent energy yield advantages of HJT products. Additionally, Huasun's 0BB modules implement the welding before lamination , which offers stronger adhesion, improved resistance to hot spots, and eliminates the need for load-bearing film. Combined with butyl adhesive, this greatly enhances module reliability.


During the webinar, Christian Comes presented testing data for Huasun's 0BB HJT modules. These modules demonstrated excellent anti-degradation performance in rigorous tests, such as damp heat, thermal cycling, and UV aging, effectively verifying their power generation capacity and stability.


As awareness of LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) among utility-scale PV project owners continues to rise, more customers are paying attention to the BOS (Balance of System) cost issues. Huasun's Himalaya G12-132 and Everest G12R-132 modules, which are suitable for large ground-mounted power plants, have been the first to adopt 0BB technology. Greater power output means reduced BOS costs related to land, labor, and other factors, and their longer and more stable lifecycle can bring significant indirect benefits to owners. Comes summarized that it is precisely due to these multidimensional superior performances that Huasun's modules have significant advantages in the sustainable development of PV projects, injecting more green attributes into the long-term development and application of projects.


The webinar attracted a large number of attendees globally, with many online inquiries about Huasun's HJT products during the event. Huasun is committed to pursuing higher-quality photovoltaic products and will continue to innovate, developing more reliable products in the future, continuously empowering a greener future through improved power generation performance, reliability, and sustainability.