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Huasun Energy and pv magazine Launch Solar Industry's First Heterojunction Special Edition


In a significant leap forward for solar technology, Huasun Energy, the world's largest manufacturer of heterojunction (HJT) solar products, in partnership with the solar industry's leading media, pv magazine, proudly unveils the inaugural heterojunction special edition-"pv magazine Huasun Energy Corporate Edition 2024." This landmark publication was officially launched online and premiered in print at Huasun’s booth during the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) held in Abu Dhabi on April 16.




Eckhart K. Gouras, Managing Director of pv magazine, accompanied by Calvin Chong, Asia Representative, visited the Huasun booth to extend their congratulations on the release of this special edition. Gouras expressed his excitement, "It's gratifying to witness the rapid advancement of heterojunction as a promising contender in photovoltaic technology. As we navigate the global energy transition, solar power will undoubtedly assume an increasingly pivotal role, and we anticipate Huasun and other HJT players playing a significant part in this transformative journey."


The commercialization of n-type solar cells, epitomized by HJT technology, has gained considerable momentum. Jimmy Xu, Chairman of Huasun, underscored this progress, stating in the magazine, " The theoretical efficiency limit for a single-junction silicon solar cell is 29.4%. The theoretical conversion efficiency for an HJT cell is 29.2%, which is the closet to 29.4% compared to any other technology. It can be said that HJT is the most perfect silicon solar technology capable of production with high efficiency at large scale and with low cost. "


The industrialization of heterojunction technology presents its own set of challenges; however, opting for HJT signifies embracing a path of disruptive innovation. Presently, Huasun boasts a capacity exceeding 20GW, supplying over 4GW of HJT products to solar projects worldwide, continually demonstrating to the industry that HJT is a high-efficiency, low-cost way to help solar projects achieve better returns. "Huasun remains committed to exploring and enhancing technological research and development, propelling the industrialization of heterojunction forward," remarked Chairman Xu. "We also extend an invitation to more companies to join the HJT movement, fostering collaboration across the industry to drive high-quality development in the photovoltaic sector and contribute to the global pursuit of carbon neutrality."



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Under the theme “Welcoming the era of HJT," the pv magazine Huasun Energy special edition offers a comprehensive analysis and exploration of heterojunction solar technology. Its contents span global market insights, technology trends, economic analyses, carbon footprint evaluations, intelligent manufacturing, vertical integration production, and HJT case studies.


Content Overview-pv magazine Huasun Energy 2024 Corporate Edition

  • Forging a path for HJT at scale (Chairman interview)

  • On the road to cheaper HJT (CTO interview)

  • The global market for HJT

  • A smaller carbon footprint

  • Advancing the promise of HJT

  • Heterojunction at the height of its power

  • HJT vs. TOPCon on the way to lower LCOE

  • Doing it all (HJT module entire chain integration)

  • Intelligent manufacturing of HJT solar modules

  • Powering Bulgaria with HJT (Partner interview- Inercom)

  • Double added value through agri-HJT (Partner interview- Next2Sun)

  • Soaring to new heights in Switzerland (Partner interview- 3S)

  • Around the world in HJT (Typical HJT projects gallery)