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Huasun at WFES 2024 Abu Dhabi: Igniting the Future with Cutting-edge Heterojunction


The recently concluded World Future Energy Summit (WFES) held from April 16th to 18th, 2024, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre witnessed Huasun’s impactful presence, marking a significant stride in the renewable energy sector.


Returning to this influential renewable energy exhibition in the Middle East and Africa, Huasun Energy showcased its cutting-edge Himalaya G12-132 series and Everest G12R-132, G12R-96 rectangular series of high-efficiency heterojunction (HJT) modules, cells, and silicon wafers during this event. These pioneering products cater to a wide spectrum of solar applications, encompassing large-scale utility, C&I and residential rooftops, and offshore photovoltaics. Moreover, Huasun and its partners engaged in several rounds of insightful discussions on the value of heterojunction technology and its market applications both through exhibition and exclusive gala, in order to offer all attendees a deeper understanding of HJT technology and its development potential.


Breaking Boundaries: HJT Solar Modules Excel in High-Temperature Challenges

The Middle East, with its abundant sunlight resources, strategic geographical positioning, and supportive policy environment, presents an ideal landscape for solar energy development. According to PV InfoLink's analysis, the total demand for PV market in the Middle East is estimated to soar 29-35GW in 2027, with continuous and strong investment growth.


Recognizing the local demand of large-scale utility solar projects is occupying a significant proportion, Huasun advocated its 132-cell HJT modules of Himalaya G12 and Everest G12R series at WFES. These modules offer higher output power and efficiency, providing utility project developers with exceptional value in terms of power generation and investment return.

Drawing from empirical applications within the MENA region, Jacky Chan, Director of Overseas KA Sales and Project Development at Huasun, highlighted the remarkable temperature coefficient of Huasun's HJT modules, which stands at just -0.24%/℃. This figure demonstrates the superior power generation performance of Huasun HJT modules in persistent high-temperature environments, outperforming products equipped with TOPCon and other technologies.


Practically, these key values have already been demonstrated in excellent performance in empirical operation of projects. At the Solar Energy Storage MENA 2024, Huasun was awarded the Excellence Utility Solar High-bifaciality Module Provider, indicating high recognition from various organisations and customers.

Pioneering Partnerships: A Boost for Global HJT Photovoltaic Industrialization

Huasun’s commitment to advancing HJT technology’s industrialization was further exemplified through strategic collaborations. At WFES, Huasun forged partnerships with leading renewable energy enterprises from the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Notably, Huasun signed a strategic partnership agreement with Rays Power Infra, an Indian leading solar power company during the exhibition. Rays Power aims to set up one of India's most advanced module manufacturing lines featuring HJT technology and will collaborate closely with Huasun to jointly drive forward the high-quality development of the photovoltaic market in India.


Ketan Mehta, Managing Director and CEO of Rays Power and Matthew Jin, Vice President of Huasun, signing on behalf of both companies

Depending on abundant solar resource, MENA and South Asia regions have been regarded as a vital part containing enormous potential. Huasun is fully committed to the market development and penetration within Middle East and surrounding countries and regions. In the proximate future, Huasun will continuously deepen cooperation with local enterprises and accelerating technical exploration, in order to maximize economic returns for the local solar projects.