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High Performance at Scale with HJT—— Huasun & PV Magazine Webinar Review


Driven by the industralization trend, since 2022, heterojunction technolgy has broken through the cost constrain and is making rapid progress on the road to becoming the mainstream product in the photovoltaic market. On August 11th, Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd. and PV Magazine co-organized the webinar "High performance at scale with HJT". Dr. Wang wenjing, CTO of Huasun, and Matthew Jin, GM of Huasun sales center, shared the company's latest technological achievements and product portfolio at the meeting. Meanwhile they discussed the advantages and benefit maximization of large-scale application of HJT modules with Djaber Berrian, the PV system innovation and design engineer from BELECTRIC, a well-known European EPC company.

High Performance at Scale with HJT—— Huasun&pv Magazine Webinar Review

The excellent performance of HJT has been recognized by the industry. Through the empirical case calculation, Dr. Djaber Berrian drew a conclusion: PV station built by HJT modules may come with higher CAPEX and OPEX in the beginning, but they can obtain more energy at the end. Due to its higher efficiency and higher output, more HJT modules can be installed in the same area, resulting in higher power generation. In addition,  the lower degradation of HJT modules can also increase the power generation yield. Therefore, using HJT modules cannot only upfront the investment, but making greater profit. HJT can be given priority in module selection for large-scale power plants. However, since 'Topcon' and 'HJT' have similar efficiency, Djaber also pointed out, there will be a super-hot-race between these two technologies in the coming years. Volume and price gap will be decisive to market share, which also closely relate to cost and production.

Huasun's strategy is to ensure the long-term and stable product supply through mass production and further reduce the overall cost via the industrial chain integration. After achieving the world's leading capacity, 2.7GW,  the company still keeps exploring solutions to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency.

Dr. Wang Wenjing, detailed Huasun’s achievements in reducing mass manufacturing cost in his report. SMBB is the technology that could minimize the silver paste consumption of solar cell while ensuring cell efficiency. At present, Huasun M6-12BB HJT solar cell only needs 150mg silver paste per piece during production . Combined with metal screen technology, the silver consumption of single chip will drop to 120mg In 2022 Q3. Huasun is going to complete the adoption of silver-coated copper paste into the production line within this year and in 2024, with the technolgy improvement, the consumption of silver paste is expected to drop to 60mg.

Huasun has launched Himalaya M6 series and G12 series, and basically can cover all application scenarios. The company plans to launch M10 series in 2023 Q3, so as to meet the great demand from the market in an all-round way.

Europe is one of the most important markets for Huasun. Matthew Jin said. Huasun’s business has covered 17 European countries already. The exclusive supply of 600MW HJT modules to INERCOM in Bulgaria has made Huasun become the major module supplier of the largest HJT PV power station in the world. Besides, Huasun has negotiated with plenty of EPC and distributors about over 2GW HJT module supply in Germany, Benelux, Spain, Nordic and other countries.

In the future, Huasun will speed up its global layout and try to contribute to the rapid and healthy development of PV industry around the world.