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The First piece of high-efficient HJT module in Dali Huasun was successfully produced


Recently, the first piece of high-efficient HJT module out of the 2.5GW project in Dali Huasun Phase I was successfully produced, which marks that the advantage of Huasun's HJT production capacity will be further expanded, and it will keep leading the industralization of HJT globally


The Phase I project of Dali Huasun mainly produces G12-132 series modules that are suitable for large-scale utility projects. It is the first time that double-sided micro-crystalline*, 20BB design and light conversion film are simultaneously adopted in the mass production of HJT modules, which makes the module power output 30W higher than that of P-type modules. Besides, G12-132 series modules are encapsulated with PIB, so that the modules’ reliability is greatly improved. All above will bring a lower LCOE to the utility power station.

According to the plan, at the end of this year, the Phase I project of Dali Huasun will realize the production capacity of 1.8GW to provide sufficient high-efficient HJT solar modules to the Mekong River Basin and other regions in Southeast Asia, which will  facilitate the regional energy transformation.


*Double-sided micro-crystalline is to replace the amorphous silicon thin film layer with a micro-crystalline thin film layer. By crystallizing the doped layer, the excellent passivation performance of amorphous silicon is retained, while the problem of parasitic light absorption is solved, which result in the improvement of the optical efficiency of the HJT cell and the short-circuit current Isc increases in turn. In this way, the conversion efficiency of HJT cells can be increased by more than 0.5%.

In 2022, the maximum efficiency of double-sided micro-crystalline HJT cells in the laboratory has reached 26.81% and adopting double-sided micro-crystalline technology in the mass production represents that it has officially entered into HJT 3.0 era.