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Six Highlights: Huasun’s Bulgaria HJT Exclusive Gala Delivers Success and Innovation



Following Intersolar Europe 2024, Huasun has triggered another peak in Europe. On June 26th, the "HUASUN HJT EXCLUSIVE GALA" was held again in Sofia, Bulgaria's capital, attracting numerous HUASUN partners, renowned energy companies, financial institutions, and EPCs from the Balkan area. The attendees engaged in profound discussions concerning the technological advancements, application of projects, and market outlook for heterojunction (HJT) modules in the Balkans and neighbouring countries.

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New HJT Products: First Show in the Balkans



Huasun’s recent advancements in solar technology, such as the zero busbar (0BB) HJT products, HJT-perovskite tandem solar cells, and colourful HJT modules, mark significant strides in the industry. Christian Comes, Director of Business Development Europe, combed through the development of heterojunction and mainstream photovoltaic cell technology, and focused on Huasun's innovative achievement –0BB module products. He emphasised that the G12-132 module combined with 0BB technology has reached an industry-leading module efficiency of 24.16% and a module power of 750.54W.



Looking forward, Comes discussed the future trajectory of heterojunction (HJT) technology, showcasing Huasun’s HJT-perovskite tandem solar cells as a testament to Huasun’s innovation. He affirmed Huasun’s commitment to advancing PV projects with modules known for their efficiency, power generation capability, and reliability. With a strong R&D foundation, Huasun aims to pioneer the next era of HJT technology, aiming towards the development and widespread application of 800+W HJT-perovskite tandem modules. This vision positions Huasun at the forefront of solar technology innovation, poised to shape the future of renewable energy solutions.


Ultra-high Bifaciality: Empowering Vertical Photovoltaic Projects


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Peter Bendix, Project Development Manager at Next2Sun, discussed the substantial advantages of vertical PV installations and their performance in real-world applications. He highlighted that vertical PV projects occupy less than 1% of total land area and do not interfere with water supply systems for crops, preserving land use and enhancing its economic value in agriculture and livestock farming.


Bendix also emphasized the unique “double peaks” feature of HJT vertical PV systems, which enhances power generation during morning and evening peak demand hours while minimizing wastage during low-demand periods. This capability optimizes economic and environmental benefits, making it a highly efficient choice for grid support.



Comparing PV technologies, Bendix specifically praised HJT photovoltaic cells for their bifacial structural advantages. He noted that Huasun’s Himalaya series products for vertical installation achieve exceptionally high bifaciality, significantly boosting energy yield from the rear side in vertical configurations. This enhancement underscores their competitiveness and practical applicability in diverse environments.


HJT Module + Tracking System: Excellent Partner in Power Generation


Cheng Peng, Chairman of Suzhou JSolar Incorporated, deeply analysed the perfect synergistic effect between the "Windrider III" tracking system and Huasun’s high-efficiency HJT modules. The combination of these two products provides strong technical support for the high-quality construction of PV projects.



"With the advanced multi-driving technology and electrical synchronisation design, the tracking system is able to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the project under different climatic conditions, and at the same time completely eliminate potential safety hazards of rotating components. And Huasun's high-efficiency HJT module, with its excellent high efficiency and high output power, brings significant energy yield improvement to the power plant.



The combination of JSolar and Huasun yields a remarkable synergistic effect. By utilizing a global radiance model, an intelligent tracking algorithm, artificial intelligence learning, and a real-time closed-loop tracking system with big data, the system can automatically optimize and maximize energy yield. This seamless integration not only enhances the application value of the "Windrider III" tracking system but also unleashes the full potential of Huasun's high-efficiency heterojunction modules. Together, they ensure the high-quality construction and long-term stable operation of PV power plants.


Cooperation with NEA: Brightening the Balkan Market



Pencho Zagorski, General Manager of NEA Engineering, a leading player in the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) domain in Bulgaria, has fostered a long-standing and profound partnership with Huasun. This enduring collaboration is founded on Huasun's business philosophy of "mutual benefits". Zagorski wholeheartedly commended the performance of Huasun's HJT modules. He underscored the paramount importance of the modules' temperature coefficient in Bulgaria, a region blessed with abundant sunlight resources. In comparison to similar TOPCon products, Huasun modules exhibit an outstanding -0.24%/°C temperature coefficient, resulting in minimized power and efficiency losses. As a result, these exceptional modules achieve an impressive average power generation that surpasses TOPCon products by approximately 3%.


Based on Huasun's solid product quality and the strong collaboration between the two parties, NEA Engineering has effectively carried out numerous projects in the western, southern, and northeastern regions of Bulgaria.


Global Interaction: Accelerating Energy Transition in Europe


In the context of a panel discussion themed ‘High-quality Development of Solar Energy in Europe’, Hayrie Shan, CEO of Eco Power, underscored the vital role of clean and renewable energy facilities in addressing the urgency of decarbonization and climate change in the Balkans. As countries actively promote the development of regional trading markets, the door opens to increased opportunities for foreign investment, construction, and M&A activities. Against this backdrop, products offering high-quality, advanced technology, and satisfactory returns are positioned to thrive.


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The discussion also acknowledged the substantial contribution of Chinese companies to Balkan power initiatives in recent years, fostering optimism among participants for the future of the Balkan PV market. The desire to collaborate with innovative enterprises like Huasun to enhance the PV industry chain, drawing on Chinese expertise, was a common theme, aiming to expedite regional energy transition.


New Opportunities: Immense Potential of the Balkans



The Balkan region, distinguished by its abundant solar energy resources and vast developmental possibilities, has emerged as a focal point for energy collaborations. Huasun’s early engagement in Bulgaria, dating back to 2021, where they became the exclusive PV module supplier for the Apriltsi project, set a solid foundation for subsequent endeavours. By 2024, this partnership has deeply flourished.


Expanding its cooperation in the Balkan region, Huasun successfully concluded a supply agreement of up to 3GW with a prominent European solar project investor in December 2023. According to the terms of this agreement, Huasun will sequentially provide its advanced G12R heterojunction rectangular module products to various projects in the European Balkans. This significant collaboration not only underscores Huasun's exceptional strength and continuous innovation in the field of heterojunction technology, but also signifies the company's further strategic expansion in the Balkan market.


In March 2024, Huasun entered into a procurement agreement with a prominent photovoltaic project developer in the Balkan region, signing a deal for the supply of 500MW high-efficiency heterojunction modules. As part of this collaboration, Huasun will provide its highly acclaimed Himalayan series G12-132 version of high-efficiency heterojunction modules to meet the region's energy needs. This partnership not only solidifies Huasun's leading position in the heterojunction field but also highlights the growing acceptance and recognition of heterojunction technology by customers in both domestic and international markets.



‘The successful outcomes realized by Huasun in the Balkan region underscore the high esteem customers hold for the brand’s high-efficiency HJT products.’ Matthew Jin, Vice President of Huasun elaborated, ‘As Huasun continues to collaborate with industry partners, the proliferation of HJT products with enhanced efficiency and superior quality throughout the Balkan Peninsula is assured.’


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