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Shining In Middle East, Huasun Attended The WFES 2023


From Jan. 16th to 18th, the largest and most influential renewable energy exhibition and conference in the Middle East——World Future Energy Summit was held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Huasun attended the show with its featured products of the entire HJT industrial chain including high-efficient HJT modules, HJT cells, and HJT wafers etc., which attracted plenty of attentions.

HJT energy

Middle East region has rich solar radiation resource, but hot and sandy all year round. It is a challenge for conventional solar modules in such environment, but an excellent stage for HJT modules. Huasun Himalaya HJT modules like 400w mono solar panel and 700w pv module have an ultra-low temperature coefficient of -0.26%/°C and up to 95% bifaciality, which brings along stronger power generation performance and better stability at high temperatures, and results in more benefits to customers.

Huasun Himalaya  HJT Modules

To meet the needs of Middle East market, Huasun foregrounded its two high-power HJT modules at the event, which are suitable for different application scenarios Himalaya G12 series 132 half-cells HJT modules are the first type of modules adopting single-sided μc-Si technology in the industry. The maximum module power has hit 700W and the module efficiency goes up to 22.53%. It is an IDEAL choice for large-scale ground power plant. Himalaya M6 series 120 half-cells all-black lightweight HJT module is especially designed for residential rooftop projects. The module weights only 19.5Kg, integrated in an all-black design, with the maximum power of 400W and conversion efficiency as high as 21.96%.

HJT module

With the a number of achievements in HJT panels, Huasun's booth attracted many audience's visit and negotiation, including  Parag Bhamre, partner of EUPD RESEARCH. Mr. Bhamre said that Huasun HJT modules have an impressive performance that can significantly reduce system's BOS cost and LCOE. It will definitely have a expansive prospect in the market and a profound influence on the energy transition in Middle East.

During the WFES, Eckhart Gouras, president of PV Magazine, officially awarded the PV Magazine Award 2022 to Huasun's Himalaya G12 modules.

PV Magazine Award

Starting from the show, Huasun will start its Global tradeshow journey in 2023. This year, Huasun will participate in more exhibitions, and organize its own workshops and seminars, so as to popularize HJT around the world. Huasun will keep strengthening the cooperation with partners and deeply plunging into the construction of renewable energy projects, so that more customers can enjoy the high-efficient and economical clean energy from Huasun HJT modules.