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Seizing Opportunities in Cyclical Fluctuations | High Reliability Takes Center Stage at PV Module Tech Europe Conference 2023


The PV Module Tech Europe Conference 2023, hosted by the authoritative media PV Tech, was successfully held in Barcelona, the second-largest city in Spain, on Nov 28th-29th.The conference focused on the theme Understanding PV Module Supply to the European Market in 2024 and delved into the supply and inventory consumption dynamics in the European N-type module market. 


Christian Comes, Director of Business Development in Europe at Huasun Energy, was invited to attend and gave a keynote address Heterojunction PV Modules for Utility Scale projects.


PV Module Tech is a specialized technical conference in the global PV industry, specifically focusing on the module side. It has always been regarded as a compass and roadmap for PV development. Finlay Colville, Head of Market Research at PV Tech, highlighted that China has set positive shipment targets to Europe since 2023, with the annual shipment of photovoltaic modules approaching 100 GW. This technical feast further explored the supply-demand balance and sustainable development of the future European PV market.


Christian highlighted the advantages of N-type HJT cell technology. He introduced the high performance and reliability of HJT products and shared Huasun's leadership in the global HJT field. Currently, Huasun is pushing the potential efficiency boundary, leading the way by achieving a power output of 750.54W, with an efficiency of 24.16% for 210mm HJT modules. This achievement represents a breaking record for large-size N-type HJT products.


In recent years, Huasun has seen a steady rise in solar cell efficiency. Christian mentioned that the average efficiency in mass production of HJT solar cell located in Xuan Cheng Phase IV is 25.8%, with the champion efficiency of the 210mm HJT cell reaching 26.2%. Furthermore, when incorporating perovskite technology, cell efficiency in future is expected to surpass 30%. Data from the verification site in Saudi Arabia reveals that Huasun's G12-132 module exhibits a noticeable 4.6% increase in power generation per watt compared to TOPCon on cement ground.


In terms of reliability, Huasun was awarded the Top Performer successfully passing the strict reliability testing of PVEL PQP in June this year. Especially in PAN testing, it exhibited an impressive 4% increase in annual energy yield compared to other Top Performers. On the bankability, Huasun has consistently ranked in the prestigious BloombergNEF Tier 1 list for 4 quarters.


At present, the demand for PV modules in Europe is showing a slowdown. Major buyers are raising their standards for products and suppliers, conducting more rigorous due diligence and qualification assessments on aspects such as power generation performance, product quality, reliability, bankability, and supply chain traceability. Christian expressed that Huasun is committed to actively leveraging its recognition as a PVEL Top Performer and BloombergNEF Tier 1, offering superior HJT products and solutions worldwide.