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Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.

Huasun Wins Customer Innovation Award from H.B. Fuller for Its Pioneering Application in Solar Industry


H.B. Fuller, the largest pureplay adhesives company in the world, held its global awards ceremony in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Recognized for its pioneering application of butyl rubber sealants in solar industry, Huasun Energy proudly received the inaugural Customer Innovation Award.


H. B. Fuller’s Customer Innovation Award aims to acknowledge customers across industries for world-changing innovations using adhesive technology. Among the 3 companies selected for this honor, Huasun stands as the sole photovoltaic enterprise “for their ability to offer power that is more efficient and reliable than previous generations of solar modules, helping to facilitate broader adoption of clean energy”.

Founded in 1887, H.B. Fuller is dedicated to the development and application of various functional adhesives, sealants, and other specialty chemicals, and has since become the world's largest pure adhesive company.


As a collaborative partner of H.B. Fuller's butyl rubber products, Huasun is one of the first companies in China to use butyl rubber for photovoltaic module encapsulation. Currently, Huasun has incorporated butyl rubber materials into the production of G12 and G12R heterojunction modules.


This innovative application significantly enhances the moisture resistance of Huasun modules, effectively prolonging the efficient power generation lifespan. This advancement has driven the rapid development and industrialization of heterojunction technology in photovoltaic applications.


“We are thrilled to recognize Huasun Energy for its exceptional achievements in innovations ,”said Celeste Mastin, President and CEO of H.B. Fuller.


This award is an important affirmation of Huasun's relentless pursuit of excellence in photovoltaic products. Huasun will continue to focus on heterojunction technology and provide the world with greener, more sustainable solar products.