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Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.

Huasun Secures 5 Prestigious Awards in Two Industry Evaluation Events


Currently, at the 12th 'Polaris Cup' Photovoltaic (PV) Influence Brand Selection and the 2023 SMM 'Radiance Cup' Photovoltaic Industry Selection event, Huasun Energy stood out and won five awards, including Influential Photovoltaic Cell Brand, Influential Photovoltaic Module Brand, Leader in the Photovoltaic Cell Industry, Photovoltaic Cell Technology Innovation Award, and High-Quality Supplier of Photovoltaic Modules. This achievement highlights its excellent industry reputation and technological leadership.


The honors provide a full recognition of Huasun's remarkable achievements in driving the industrialization of heterojunction technology and promoting high-quality growth in the photovoltaic industry. As the world’s leading supplier of heterojunction technology, Huasun has successfully established a production capacity of 10GW for HJT cells and modules, delivering more than 2GW advanced products to customers worldwide. Through unwavering commitment to industrialization, Huasun has led HJT technology to become one of the mainstream technologies in the new era of photovoltaics.


At present, Huasun's double-sided microcrystalline HJT solar cells (i-HJT 3.0) have achieved a peak efficiency of 25.7% in mass production. With the implementation of new technologies such as PIB and light conversion film encapsulation, as well as silver-coated copper and 0BB (zero busbar) technology in production, the performance of Huasun's HJT modules keep improving.


The Himalaya series G12-132 type HJT solar modules, targeted at utility-scale solar plants, have achieved a mass-produced power output of 720W, while the Himalaya G10-144 type, designed for the rooftop market, has reached a mass-produced power output of 600W, both representing the highest power output of their respective types.


Huasun has always prioritized customers and quality and remains dedicated to driving technological innovation and accelerating production capacity expansion. Its goal is to deliver the market with a wider range of high-performance, high-quality, and cost-effective photovoltaic products, thereby contributing to the early realization of the net-zero goal.