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Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.

Huasun Is Marching Towards The HJT 5.0 Era


On Nov. 24, Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the High Efficiency Solar Technologies virtula conference held by TaiyangNews. Dr. Zhou Su, technical assistant to the Chairman of Huasun, shared a report entitled ‘Mass Production Status and Future Trend of HJT Solar Cells and had an in-depth communication with industry experts on HJT’s cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

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In the report, Dr. Zhou introduced the current status of the mass production of HJT solar products in Huasun. After more than two years of unremitting efforts, Huasun has not only achieved the leap from HJT 1.0 (double side α-Si) to 2.0 (single side μc-Si) in technical terms, but also transformed the technical results into mass production, and become the world's largest HJT manufacturer, with the capability of providing high-efficient HJT solar panel in a long-term and stable manner to the market which is in high demand.

At present, the highest efficiency of Huasun HJT solar cell in mass production has reached 25.21%, as in the leading position in PV industry. With the premise of ensuring cell efficiency, the company is constantly exploring the methods of cost reduction of HJT solar cells by taking measures of thinning the silicon wafer and introducing silve & copper paste, in order to accelerate the pace of industrialization and marketization of this high-efficienct solar cell technology.

When talking about the development plan, Dr. Zhou said that after reaching the 2.0 stage, Huasun will gradually realize the technical iterations of HJT solar cell from 3.0(double side μc-Si), 4.0(double side μc-si with Cu plating), 5.0(full back-contact) to heterojunction-perovskite tandem cells, and eventually reach the ultra-high efficiency of 28% in mass production. The increase in efficiency will further reduce the LCOE. Combining with the continuous decrease in the cost of silicon wafer, metallization, TCO, equipment and production, HJT will make it truly become the new generation of mainstream solar cell technology.