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Huasun Innovations: Unveiling the Power of 0BB, Heterojunction-Perovskite Tandem Cell, and Colorful Modules at Intersolar Europe 2024


On June 19th, Intersolar Europe, a highly anticipated event in the global energy industry, commenced with great enthusiasm at the distinguished New International Expo Center in Munich, Germany. Coinciding with the fervor surrounding the "European Cup", this pinnacle gathering showcased Huasun's triumphant return after a one-year hiatus. The booth attracted a multitude of eager visitors, captivated by the remarkable performance and pioneering design of the showcased products and technologies. Undoubtedly, these advancements made a profound impact on the very essence of energy technology transformation, casting Huasun as a leading contender in this international arena.


European debut of ‘HJT+0BB’

In the midst of a global restructuring of the energy landscape, the photovoltaic (PV) industry has encountered unparalleled opportunities. As the foremost PV market in Europe, Germany has infused incessant vitality into the industry through its incentivizing policies. Huasun, keenly attuned to market trends, has proactively responded by introducing the G12 and G12R series of high-power PV modules. Notably, the G12R series stands as the industry's inaugural heterojunction (HJT) rectangular module, employing cutting-edge HJT 3.0 technology and integrating double-sided microcrystalline and light-transferring film processes. This inventive configuration achieves an impressive conversion efficiency exceeding 23% and a substantial power output of 640W, thereby establishing a new industry benchmark.


Furthermore, the 132-cell version module incorporates the innovative 0BB technology, eliminating busbars and further enhancing the bifaciality, while displaying an exceptional temperature coefficient (-0.24%/°C). This augments Huasun's unrelenting pursuit of technological innovation, reducing power losses during high-temperature conditions.

Multi-dimensional focus on PV applications

In the ever-evolving landscape of global photovoltaic technology, Huasun has unveiled a collection of cutting-edge innovations including ultra-high bifaciality modules and vibrant colorful modules on the booth, tailored to cater to the diverse requirements of users.


Notably, the G12-132 ultra-high bifaciality module, boasting exceptional performance, empowers vertical installation scenarios such asagrivoltaics, PV guardrail, highway guardrail, and building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), with remarkable efficacy. Its distinctive design not only enhances space utilization but also adeptly mitigates challenges related to dust and snow accumulation, ensuring the efficient operation of the PV system even in harsh environments. This, in turn, leads to significant reductions in operational and maintenance costs, while upholding power generation efficiency.


Moreover, the power generation curve of the vertical HJT PV system exhibits a captivating "double peaks" characteristic. During peak hours, the system generates additional power, providing robust support to the power grid. Conversely, during off-peak hours, it minimizes power wastage and optimizes the utilization of available resources, fostering a truly symbiotic relationship between economic and environmental benefits.


Furthermore, Huasun has adorned high-efficiency HJT modules with elegant attire, seamlessly merging photovoltaic technology with architectural aesthetics to create a harmonious union. This synergy not only satisfies customers' quest for aesthetic rooftop photovoltaic projects but also delivers exceptional value by enhancing power generation performance.


Practically, these key values have already been demonstrated in excellent performance in empirical operation of projects. At the Solar Energy Storage Future Germany 2024, Huasun was awarded the Excellence Utility Solar Provider, indicating high recognition from various organizations and customers.

Unlock the power of heterojunction-perovskite tandem

With unwavering belief, Huasun, a pioneering force in HJT technology, envisions a new era of efficiency through the integration of heterojunction-perovskite tandem solar cell technology.

The industry recognizes HJT technology as the most ideal base for advancing perovskite-stacked cells, paving the way for PV modules to reach a remarkable power peak of 800W and cell efficiencies surpassing 28% or more. During the course of this exhibition, the Huasun team emanated brilliance through the presentation of the heterojunction-perovskite stack cell sample, captivating the interests of numerous customers and visitors who took moments to appreciate and photograph this awe-inspiring exhibit at the booth.

Huasun always sees the European market as vital and hopes to strengthen customer relationships in Europe and explore new collaborations through Intersolar Europe 2024. With expertise in HJT technology, Huasun will remain rooted in China while having a global outlook and committing to sustainable energy research and development.