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Huasun Heterojunction Illuminates Spain and Poland at GENERA and ENEX


As the Chinese Year of the Dragon approaches, Huasun’s European tour sets sail again. Huasun showcased cutting-edge heterojunction (HJT) products, including Everest G12R, Himalaya G12, and G10 wafers, cells, and modules at GENERA on Feb. 6th - 8th and ENEX on Feb. 7th-8th, attracting numerous attendees eager for insights and information.

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Spain and Poland, pivotal players in the European renewable energy landscape, served as the perfect stage for Huasun products. Spain, with its abundant sunlight boasting approx. 3000 hours of annual sunshine, stands as one of the most promising countries for solar development. Meanwhile, Poland, located in Central Europe, has rapidly emerged as the third-largest solar photovoltaic market in Europe, is experiencing unparalleled growth in residential PV installations.


Source: BNEF

In the well-established European solar market, Huasun HJT modules have gained considerable favor due to their advantages such as high power, high efficiency, high bifaciality, low-temperature coefficient, low carbon footprint, and low LCOE. These modules have been successfully applied in various PV projects across Europe, including the exclusive supply of the world's largest HJT PV power station, a 650MW station in Bulgaria. Applications in residential projects have also flourished in countries like Switzerland and Germany. Huasun HJT modules, renowned for their excellent quality and outstanding power generation performance, have garnered widespread recognition from customers globally.


At the two renewable energy exhibitions, Huasun Everest G12R makes its debut in Spain and Poland successfully. G12R offers various power segments such as G12R-132, G12R-108, and G12R-96, catering to the needs of large ground PV stations, C&I, and residential applications. The rectangular silicon wafers bring size advantages to the modules, saving transportation costs for European customers. Notably, the conversion efficiency of this series exceeds 23%, with a maximum output power of 641W, perfectly meeting the PV development demands in both countries and other regions in Europe.

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Meanwhile, Huasun also showcased the Himalaya G12-132 high-efficiency HJT modules, which captured significant attention. As the epitome of Huasun HJT technology, the G12-132 modules boast a maximum output power of 750.54W and a conversion efficiency of 24.16%, leading the industry.

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Huasun’s booth was vibrant with exciting activities and interactive sessions. The team introduced the advanced nature of HJT technology and its application advantages in the European market. Games and snacks provided leisure moments for attendees, and a captivating band performance elevated the atmosphere.

With a completed 20GW high-efficiency HJT production capacity and a global cumulative shipment exceeding 4GW, Huasun remains committed to providing customers with high-performance, high-quality solar products and contributing to the construction of a carbon-neutral planet.