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Huasun Hefei Launches 5GW High-Efficiency HJT Solar Cell and Module Project


Huasun Energy proudly inaugurated the Huasun Hefei 5GW High-Efficiency Heterojunction (HJT) Cell and Module Project on December 30th in Feixi County, Hefei, Anhui Province. This milestone event marks the official start of operations at Huasun's Hefei base, equipped with cutting-edge HJT solar products.




Jimmy Xu, Chairman of Huasun Energy, emphasized Hefei's strong foundation for advanced photovoltaic industries in his project introduction. Leveraging state-of-the-art HJT technology and remarkable construction efficiency, Huasun is committed to contributing to energy transformation and carbon emission reduction in the city.




During his speech, Yuan Fei, member of CPC Hefei Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor, acknowledged Huasun Energy as a global leader in heterojunction technology in PV industry. The completion of the Huasun Hefei base within one year, from signing to production, demonstrates unprecedented speed. It signifies the realization of mass production of the world's largest high-efficiency HJT solar cell and module factory in our city. This achievement not only fills the HJT gap in Hefei but also propels the development of the advanced photovoltaic industry cluster, fostering high-quality economic and social growth in Hefei.


Congratulating Huasun on its investment in Hefei, Yu Aihua, member of CPC Anhui Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Hefei Municipal Committee, emphasized the mutual success between Huasun and Hefei. The Huasun Hefei project stands out as the fastest construction project in Feixi County, characterized by superior quality and rapid growth. Yu further expressed his hope for the timely realization of the planned heterojunction silicon wafer project and photovoltaic building materials research institute project.




Huasun introduced the groundbreaking Everest G12R Series in November 2023, the world's first HJT module series based on rectangular solar cells. Matthew Jin, Vice President of Huasun, shared the details of the Everest G12R Series during the ceremony. The Everest G12R-132 module has been recently certified by TÜV SÜD, a leading third-party testing and certification institution, with a remarkable power output of 641.25W and an impressive conversion efficiency of 23.72%.


These modules incorporate HJT3.0 high-efficiency solar cell technology, with 182mm*105mm rectangular cells. By integrating advanced processes such as bifacial microcrystalline, SMBB, light conversion film, and PIB, these modules achieve an average efficiency of over 23.5% and a power output of more than 640W, surpassing other technology-based rectangular modules by 20W. Huasun's new product empowers photovoltaic power projects to realize high efficiency, high power, high reliability, high energy yield, low BOS, and low LCOE objectives.