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Heterojunction Steps into the Spotlight in the Middle East, Huasun HJT Exclusive Gala Successfully Held in Abu Dhabi



Abu Dhabi, April 18th - The highly anticipated "HUASUN HJT EXCLUSIVE GALA" took place in Abu Dhabi with resounding success. Following the series of Huasun's overseas workshops on heterojunction (HJT) solar technology in key photovoltaic markets such as Germany, Bulgaria, Brazil, and Japan, this event marks another milestone for the HJT industry. The gathering brought together Huasun’s partners, prominent energy companies, EPCs, distributors from the Middle East and surrounding regions to delve into the technical advancements, project applications, and market potential of HJT products.


All the attendees were treated to the overseas premiere unveiling of Huasun's latest zero busbar (0BB) high-power module.

With significant demand projected for photovoltaic modules and a promising trajectory of growth, the Middle East emerges as a pivotal emerging market. However, ensuring the reliability of solar modules under the region's unique harsh, hot, and humid desert conditions is paramount. Heterojunction technology, renowned for its inherent reliability and advantages such as a low temperature coefficient of -0.24%, is poised to bolster energy development in the Middle East.


At the workshop, Huasun showcased its cutting-edge 0BB high-power HJT module products tailored to market demands. Christian Comes, Director of Business Development Europe, highlighted the groundbreaking features of Huasun's 0BB products, underscoring their enhanced conversion efficiency and market competitiveness. Designed to thrive in the Middle East's high-temperature environment, these products promise to ensure long-term operational reliability while delivering superior power generation performance.


Jacky Chan, Director of Overseas KA Sales and Project Development at Huasun, emphasized that Huasun's Himalaya series and Everest rectangular series products cater to various needs and maintain exceptional performance across different solar applications, thereby offering novel product options for renewable energy development in regions like the Middle East and South Asia.


Rad Abdalhaq, Sales Manager MENA and Africa at Nextracker, a leading provider of solar tracker and software solutions, elaborated on the synergy between Huasun's heterojunction modules and trackers in power plant design. He also highlighted the unique advantages of Nextracker's smart tracking system in leveraging the bifacial power generation characteristics of heterojunction solar panels.


Engr. Ehsan Ali, CEO of Enervetic Technologies, and other Huasun’s key partners delved into topics such as the application of HJT modules and the performance of case projects. The enthusiasm for efficient HJT technology sparked lively discussions among attendees, who expressed optimism about the prospects of the photovoltaic market in the Middle East and surrounding regions. They eagerly anticipate the widespread adoption of technologically advanced solar products like Huasun's HJT modules to accelerate regional energy transformation.

Matthew Jin, Vice President of Huasun, expressed gratitude to experts for their insightful discussions, reaffirming Huasun's commitment to innovation-driven development. He conveyed Huasun's dedication to expanding its business footprint in regions such as the Middle East and South Asia, thereby contributing to the realization of a sustainable, clean, and beautiful future.