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Heterojunction Shines Bright! Huasun Leads the Wave of HJT in Italy


From February 28 to March 1, Huasun Energy made a remarkable debut at KEY Energy in Italy, the second-largest energy event in Europe. The showcased array of heterojunction (HJT) products garnered enthusiastic responses and widespread attention. Huasun solidified its presence by signing agreements with three local distributors, participating jointly in the exhibition, and igniting a technological trend for HJT in Italy.


Italy, a significant photovoltaic market in Europe, maintains a stable demand for solar power. According to the framework outlined by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the Environment, Italy aims to increase the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption to 28% by 2030. In the first half of 2023, Italy added 1GW of residential photovoltaic capacity, surpassing the entire 2022 annual installation (0.73GW). Huasun HJT products provide cost-effective solutions for Italy’s burgeoning photovoltaic market.


Source: BNEF

During the exhibition, Huasun inked crucial distribution agreements with three renowned photovoltaic module distributors in Italy: OGTSOLAR, Enerpoint s.r.l., and Lux s.r.l. These partners showcased Huasun’s HJT silicon wafers, cells, and modules at their booths as well, collectively presenting a series of greener and more efficient photovoltaic products for the Italian market. The signings mark a pivotal moment, as the three partners commit to robustly supporting Huasun’s expansion in Italy, reinforcing the company’s determination and global strength in promoting HJT products.

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Huasun's booth featured highlights from the Himalaya Series G12-132 and Everest Series G12R, catering to various applications in residential, C&I rooftops, and utility solar power stations, injecting vibrancy into the exhibition. Additionally, the commonly sought-after HS-B96 AgriPV HJT semi-transparent module Huasun recently launchedfurther addresses the development needs of agrivoltaics in Italy.

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HJT, with its “4 Highs” (high efficiency, high power output, high bifaciality, high reliability) and “4 Lows” (low temperature coefficient, low degradation rate, low carbon emissions, low-temperature manufacturing process) advantages, is widely recognized and has become a mainstream solar cell technology in the N-type photovoltaic era. Continuous technological updates are increasing the acceptance and popularity of HJT technology and products in the European market. Huasun has successfully implemented outstanding projects in multiple European countries, earning unanimous praise from customers.


As a global leader in HJT technology, Huasun has delivered over 4GW of HJT products to more than 40 countries and regions worldwide. Looking ahead, Huasun is committed to exploring and implementing low-cost, high-efficiency HJT cell and module production technologies, providing global customers with high-performance, high-quality photovoltaic products, and contributing to the construction of a zero-carbon Earth!