Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.
Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.

Green Power Accelerates Huasun's Pace


At the end of July, the C&I rooftop project of the phase I PV module factory of Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd. was officially connected to the grid. The project has an installed capacity of 3.5MW, using Himalaya M6-144 module, which can provide 3.73 million kWh of clean electricity per year, equivalent to saving 1,492 tons of standard coal per year and reducing carbon dioxide by 3,720 tons per year. This project has brought a positive interaction with economic development, resource conservation and environmental protection.


Bifacial Cells

The successful practice of the rooftop project of Huausn Phase I PV module factory in Xuancheng is a solid step to build a 'zero-carbon park'. Taking this opportunity, the company combines its own advantages and actual needs to continuously open source and explore potential in various fields. Currently, Huasun solar has more than 2,000 employees in its headquarters. In order to provide employees with convenient electric vehicle charging service and reduce the pressure on electricity consumption, the company has installed HJT solar module on the shed in the park. The total installed capacity of the carport color steel tile is 136kW, which is expected to bring an annual power generation of 140,000 kWh. At the same time, the company continues to expand the solar rooftop projects in other factories in the park, aiming to fully realize the closed-loop power application mode of "self produced-self generated-self use".


Hjt Solar Cell Efficiency

Carbon neutrality requires not only the transformation of traditional energy sources to clean energy, but also cleaner and more efficient product manufacturing process through continuous management optimization and innovative technologies. The carbon emission of the whole production process of HJT products is only 397 grams per watt (based on the use of silicon wafers with a thickness of 130 μm), which has a significant ‘low-carbon’ attribute compared with other solar technologies on the market. The continuous exploration and beneficial practice of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement will further expand the low-carbon advantages of heterojunction. In addition, the company also launched a green initiative of “low-carbon and energy-saving”, calling on every employee to practice environmental protection and energy saving in daily work and contribute to “carbon reduction”.


"It is the due responsibility of a PV manufacturer to integrate low carbon into every link of production and operation, which enables us to achieve faster and higher quality development." Chairman Xu Xiaohua said.


Huasun has always adhered to the outlook on green and sustainable development, with the persistence in the technical research and mass production of HJT, continuing to expand the market footprint, and give back the society with more and better HJT products, so as to truly bring high-efficient, stable, green and low-carbon solar clean energy into everyone's life.


According to PV InfoLink, as of November 2022, Huasun has a mass production capacity of 2.7GW on HJT, ranking the first in this field.