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From Lab to Market: Huasun 's Trailblazing Innovations and Application in Heterojunction


In today's thriving global photovoltaic industry, heterojunction (HJT) technology is emerging as a pivotal driver of ongoing innovation. Huasun Energy, a leading player in this arena, has been instrumental in ushering in technological advancements across the photovoltaic supply chain. On June 4th, Huasun, in collaboration with TaiyangNews, participated in a seminar titled 'Competitive LCOE - The Winning Formula of Heterojunction,' delving into the latest breakthroughs and practical applications of HJT solar technology.


During the seminar, Dr. Wenjing Wang, Chief Technology Officer of Huasun, provided an exhaustive overview of Huasun's recent achievements in HJT research and development. Dr. Wang elaborated on Huasun's proprietary zero busbar (0BB) technology pathway, highlighting its pivotal role in driving down costs and enhancing efficiency within the HJT industry. He emphasized that Huasun's 0BB technology reduces internal resistance within solar cells, resulting in significant improvements in electrical and CTM performance.


Through relentless innovation and development efforts, Huasun's HJT technology has advanced into the HJT3.0 era. Concurrently enhancing solar cell mass production efficiency and the power output of the Himalaya G12-132 module, Huasun has managed to decrease silver consumption to 7mg/W through the integration of cutting-edge technologies like 0BB and silver-coated copper paste.


Remaining steadfast in the commitment to global solar development, Huasun has already supplied 5GW of HJT products to the global market. Anna Paskaleva, Huasun's Senior Sales Manager Europe, underscored the higher output power of Huasun HJT modules, resulting in higher installed capacities within the same area and consequently enhancing overall project power generation.


Moreover, Huasun's HJT modules boast excellent temperature coefficient of -0.24%/℃, ensuring more stable power generation even in extreme high-temperature environments exceeding 65°C. Empirical data from Saudi Arabia further validates the superior performance of Huasun HJT modules, generating 3.65% more electricity on average compared to the TOPCon modules of the same version. Furthermore, exemplified by the Everest 210R rectangular HJT module, Huasun's efficient and stable performance coupled with lower balance of system (BOS) costs significantly reduces the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of HJT projects by up to 2.6%.


Huasun remains unwavering in its conviction that innovation is fundamental to sustainable business growth. Recently, the latest 0BB technology has been seamlessly integrated into the mass production of Huasun’s G12-132 and G12R-132 modules, precisely addressing the energy requirements of ground utility solar power plants, commercial and industrial sectors, as well as residential rooftops. Moving forward, Huasun is well-positioned to maintain its leadership in HJT technological innovation, leveraging its expertise and superior products to drive the global transition towards green energy, thus shaping a more sustainable future.