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Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd.

Huasun Signs Agreement with China Algae Treatment Leader Delinhai on HJT Solar Products


Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd (referred to as "Huasun") recently signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Wuxi Delinhai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd (referred to as "Delinhai") in Xuancheng, Anhui. The two parties will collaborate comprehensively on the development of heterojunction (HJT) solar module projects, supply of HJT cells and modules, and jointly promote the innovative development of green energy. 



Xu Xiaohua, Chairman of Huasun, and Hong Jun, Deputy General Manager of Delinhai, signed the agreement on behalf of both companies.


As the leader in treating blue algae in China, Delinhai creates a complete algae treatment technology route that combines emergency response and preventive measures, dominating the national market. Delinhai’s partnership with Huasun marks its first venture into sectors beyond water pollution treatment, demonstrating a positive market outlook for heterojunction solar technology and the recognition of Huasun's industry leading position.


According to the agreement, Delinhai will invest and construct a 2GW heterojunction solar module project, and purchase no less than 1.5GW of HJT cells from Huasun annually after the project is operational. In addition, Delinhai intends to buy roughly 3GW of HJT modules from Huasun in the next three years, and utilize its own cross-border e-commerce channel to bolster Huasun's brand for HJT modules in the overseas consumer markets.




Heterojunction photovoltaic modules are ideal for reducing carbon emissions due to the high-efficiency and low-carbon attributes, said Hong Jun. He hopes that Delinhai would further enrich its business segments and advance long-term growth through working closely with leading heterojunction enterprises like Huasun, which has advanced technology and leading production capacity.


Huasun will offer complete assistance to Delinhai in product supply, technology and process to enable its expansion into the new energy sector, Xu Xiaohua stated. We anticipate extending the new overseas sales mode for Huasun's HJT products by integrating with Delinhai's e-commerce channel and promoting the industrialization of heterojunction solar technology worldwide.