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Huasun Secures High-Efficiency HJT Modules Deal with A2 Technologies for Thailand’s Multi-scenario Solar Applications


Huasun Energy, a leader in high-efficiency heterojunction (HJT) technology, has achieved significant gains in the Thai market following the successful conclusion of the "ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week Thailand 2024". Recently, Huasun Energy and A2 Technologies, a leading EPC company in Asia, signed a cooperation agreement for the supply of G12-132 high-efficiency HJT modules. The agreement aims to strengthen their competitiveness in the Asia-Pacific and international markets by leveraging the core resources of both parties. The signing ceremony, attended by Jacky Chan, Huasun's Director of Overseas KA Sales & Project Development, and Suryion Udcharchon, CEO of A2 Technologies, signifies a new stage in both collaborative efforts.


Source: Solargis.com

Thailand, the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, benefits from its equatorial location and abundant sunshine, with an average annual radiation of 1,800 kWh/m². More than half of the country enjoys stable daily radiation between 5.00-5.28 kWh/m², creating ideal conditions for a robust PV industry. Recognizing these natural advantages, the Thai government has committed to a strategic plan aimed at increasing the use of renewable energy sources, particularly photovoltaics, over the next 25 years. Their objective is to elevate the share of photovoltaic power generation in the total installed capacity to 29%, illustrating a cohesive vision for the future development of Thailand's solar energy sector.



A2 Technologies Co., Ltd., the affiliated company of Asia Precision Public Co., Ltd., has been a pioneering force in the industry since its establishment in 1990. Particularly in 2016, the company strategically seized upon opportunities in the renewable energy sector by investing 500 million Thai Baht to expand its project construction capabilities. This initiative solidified A2 Technologies' prominent role in the global market and underscored its commitment to advancing within the renewable energy industry.


A2 Technologies chose to collaborate with Huasun due to its remarkable achievements in high-efficiency HJT technology, notably exemplified by the Himalaya series G12-132 solar module. This module leads the industry with a remarkable output power of 750.54W and efficiency of 24.16%. Featuring a unique symmetric double-sided structure, high bifaciality, and low temperature coefficient, it promises significant cost reductions and efficiency enhancements for customers.


Together, the two parties aim to promote these superior products across various applications including ground mounting and floating photovoltaic systems. Their collaboration seeks to unleash the market potential of HJT technology, addressing the growing demand for efficient and sustainable energy solutions in Thailand and neighbouring regions with precision.


Huasun's systematic entry into the Thai market is exemplified by its flagship project—the photovoltaic system installed at the Bangkok Metropolitan Waterworks Authority's main office building. Operational since March of this year, the system spans installations on the office building's roof, car park, and adjacent water surface. This initiative serves as a compelling showcase of Huasun's HJT modules' versatility and adaptability in varied application scenarios.


This project represents Huasun's inaugural venture into Thailand's photovoltaic sector. Its successful operation not only underscores the client's confidence in Huasun's high-efficiency HJT technology but also reinforces Huasun's leadership and technological advancement in the global HJT industry. The consistent and highly efficient power generation performance observed over recent months further validates the client's choice of Huasun's products, laying a solid foundation for Huasun's ongoing expansion in Thailand and Southeast Asia.


The "Ground mounting + Floating" photovoltaic projects in Thailand serve as significant milestones for Huasun in expanding HJT application scenarios. These successes continually inspire Huasun to explore and innovate further, aiming to integrate its highly efficient HJT products into an even broader range of applications. Huasun is at the forefront of driving industry efforts towards cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.


With the increasing value of HJT technology and growing global demand for renewable energy, Huasun is confident that its stable and efficient HJT products will play a crucial role in the global energy transition and environmental conservation. These advancements are poised to make substantial contributions towards building a green and sustainable future.