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Huasun Makes Groundbreaking Debut of World's First Heterojunction Rectangular Module at Open Energies in Europe


Lyon, France – January 23-24, 2024 – The European Convention Center in Lyon, France, was abuzz with the grand showcasing of Huasun's pioneering renewable energy solutions at the prestigious Open Energies exhibition. This influential event drew global industry leaders, featuring top companies in the new energy sector, particularly solar energy, who came together to exhibit cutting-edge innovations and foster collaborative dialogue.




At the forefront of this showcase were Huasun's Everest G12R, Himalaya G12, and G10 series of high-efficiency heterojunction (HJT) modules, cells, and silicon wafers. These innovations represent a significant contribution to the advancement of green energy in Europe, aligning with the collective effort to build a zero-carbon future.




As the world's largest provider of vertically integrated HJT products, Huasun introduced the industry's first rectangular cell HJT module, the Everest G12R series, in November 2023. The Open Energies exhibition in France served as the inaugural stop for Huasun's 2024 HJT global tour, marking the European debut of the high-efficiency Everest series rectangular HJT products. The products garnered immediate acclaim from attendees, showcasing their potential to revolutionize the European market.


In response to the industry's call for standardization of module sizes and to leverage the performance advantages of heterojunction technology, the Huasun Everest G12R series incorporates large-size rectangular silicon wafers, resulting in a remarkable power increase of nearly 40W. This technological leap supports photovoltaic systems in achieving higher energy yield, greater reliability, and lower Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE). The Everest G12R series offers three mainstream models: G12R-132, G12R-108, and G12R-96, tailored to various applications such as large utility solar plants, commercial and industrial installations, and residential scenarios, while maintaining a constant module width of 1134mm.




Further enhancing the showcase, Huasun presented star products from the Himalaya series, including the G12-132, G10-108 all-black, and transparent modules. Notably, the G12-132 module, with its industry-leading 750.54W power output and 24.16% efficiency, captured the attention of numerous visitors, who eagerly engaged in discussions around its potential.


France's ambitious carbon reduction targets, aiming to decrease emissions by 35% by 2030 and 81% by 2050, have highlighted the significance of solar energy development in the country. Huasun has actively responded to global carbon reduction targets, with its HJT products boasting an industry-leading advantage in terms of carbon footprint. The Himalaya G10-144 module, certified by authoritative TÜV Rheinland, boasts a carbon emission footprint of only 366.12g/W CO₂e throughout its entire lifecycle, making it the first photovoltaic module certified by a third party to have a carbon footprint lower than 400g/W CO₂e.




With a focus on leading technology, high-quality products, and exceptional service, Huasun's high-efficiency HJT products have garnered widespread adoption in solar projects across Europe, earning high recognition from local customers. Looking ahead to 2024, Huasun remains committed to expanding and solidifying its presence in the European solar market, including France, by delivering even more efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly HJT products with higher energy yields.


The Huasun HJT global tour 2024 continues, with the next stop in Madrid, Spain. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!