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Huasun Launches The Latest High-Efficiency Light-Weight Full-Black HJT Module For Residential Installations


Nowadays solar PV has become one of the most mature and cost-effective clean energy sources in the world, successfully achieving the economics required for a large-scale global application. Distributed PV in particular is set to have a broad development prospect due to its flexibility in installation capacity and application scenarios, as well as the advantage of being located close to the end users. 

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With regards to distributed solar generation, there often comes the question: "What kind of PV modules is the most suitable for rooftop installations"? To answer this question, one should keep in mind that in addition to the high efficiency and safety standards the solar modules should adhere to, the clients are setting forth increasingly higher requirements for the aesthetics of their rooftop installations. This trend is especially prominent in developed countries, such as those in Europe and Japan, "the appearance" has become an important factor for end users when choosing any photovoltaic products. As a result of this development in demand, the full-black modules came into being. 

Recently Huasun's Himalaya M6 series 120-cell full-black light-weight HJT module gained the TUV certification and is about to be put into mass production. 400 watt bifacial solar panels adopts integrated pure black design, and the fashionable appearance is perfectly integrated with the roof, promoting the aesthetics of the building, with its power output up to 400W and 21.96% conversion efficiency. By improving the encapsulation technology of glass and film, the module obtains the advantages of high efficiency and high reliability, while preserving an aesthetically beautiful design and weighing only 19.5kg. Thanks to these innovations, Huasun's Himalaya M6 series 120-cell full-black light-weight HJT module has become the go-to product in the distributed PV market, especially when it comes to residential rooftop installations.

The module is made out of 120 pcs of 166mm HJT half-cut cells using SMBB technology. The HJT cells have the advantages of low temperature coefficient, high bifaciality and low PID&LID, while the SMBB design reduces the current transmission distance and improves the optical utilization. These advanced technologies allow the HJT module to have a higher power output and conversion efficiency, while keeping a more stable power generation performance. Thanks to this, the HJT modules are able to realize higher electricity generation from a smaller installation capacity In this way they not only save installation cost but also brings faster returns on investment.

Reducing the glass thickness from 2.0 mm to 1.6 mm makes the module lighter by about 20%, significantly decreasing the roof weight load. Despite the thinner glass, however, the mechanical load and snow load capacity of the module doesn't change due to the increased thickness of the frames. This combination effectively guarantees both the safety of the products and the rooftop's integrity, ultimately improving the end users' experience. The double-glass design eliminates the risk of scratches on the backsheet and cell microcracks, while providing the modules with excellent waterproof and fireproof capabilities, so that they can easily withstand harsh environments such as sand storms, hail storms, salt fog, ammonia and so on. Furthermore, all modules manufactured by Huasun come with an industry-leading 15-year product warranty and a 30-year linear performance warranty.

Huasun HJT modules

Another innovation of Huasun HJT modules is the use of high reflectivity black films in encapsulation, improving the utilization rate of sunlight by increasing the backside reflection. Coupling this with the excellent low light performance of HJT cells, the module power output can be up to 10 watts higher than the mainstream products of the same category available on the market.

Huasun HJT modules have been delivered to many countries and regions around the world, have been used in utility power stations, residential rooftops, industrial and commercial rooftop installations and other types of projects, continuously growing in popularity and expanding its global network of customers. As a part of its future development plan, Huasun will increase the R&D investment to promote product innovation and technological advancement. Thanks to this strategy of constant improvement and innovation while keeping the high standards of quality and safety, Huasun is able to meet the different demands of one ever-evolving solar PV market with a rich variety of product with excellent quality and capabilities. This makes Huasun a key player in the solar PV technical field who effectively participates in the boost of wide application of solar energy worldwide and actively contributes to the global energy transformation.