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Huasun Develops Semi-transparent Heterojunction Modules for Agrivoltaics with France’s Partner Feedgy


In Montpellier, France, Huasun Energy’s HS-B96 AgriPV heterojunction (HJT) semi-transparent solar module made its debut at EnerGaïa, capturing significant attention. As the first HJT semi-transparent module tailored for agriculture, it marks a significant leap forward in advancing high-quality agrivoltaics in Europe.


Agrivoltaics has garnered substantial attention in Europe, with both France and Germany recognizing its pivotal role in their energy strategies. In response to the escalating demand for agrivoltaics, Huasun collaborated with Feedgy, a prominent energy solutions provider in France, to develop the HS-B96 AgriPV HJT semi-transparent module particularly for gardening, arboriculture, and floriculture. The product has received TÜV Rheinland certification. According to Feedgy's research, the global agrivoltaics market, valued at €3.3 billion in 2021, is projected to reach €8.6 billion by 2031, with an annual growth rate of 10.1%.


Image Credit: Feedgy

HS-B96 AgriPV comprises 96 pieces of Huasun HJT cells, leveraging a naturally double-sided symmetrical structure to achieve over 90% bifaciality. The temperature coefficient of -0.24% ensures stable power output even in high-temperature environments. HJT cells feature a low-temperature production process and a streamlined four-step manufacturing procedure, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions from manufacturing to application. Coupled with the superior power generation performance, HS-B96 AgriPV heterojunction module not only aligns with sustainability goals but also delivers tangible green benefits for global agrivoltaic users.


Image Credit: Feedgy

Compared to traditional PV modules for greenhouses, HS-B96 AgriPV boasts a semi-transparent design, 90% bifaciality, 39% transparency, and a 33% photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) transmission rate. These enhance sunlight resource utilization in PV greenhouses, providing effective sunlight exposure while safeguarding plants and crops. Leveraging efficient HJT technology, the HS-B96 AgriPV offers a power range of 300W-320W, presenting agricultural customers with diversified choices and a mutually beneficial solution for agriculture and photovoltaics.


As HS-B96 AgriPV HJT semi-transparent module gains widespread adoption, Huasun's state-of-the-art HJT products will extend beyond ground and roof solar installations to agricultural scenarios such as farms and greenhouses. Huasun Energy, with its leading HJT technology, continues to spearhead the expansion of diverse PV applications, contributing to global industries' green transformation and low-carbon, high-quality development.