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Everest G12R Debuts at BNEF Summit Shanghai 2023, Embarking on a New Era in HJT


From Nov 27th - 28th, BNEF Summit Shanghai 2023 was grandly held at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Shanghai. The summit spotlighted the Chinese energy development outlook and challenges from expanding overseas markets with a worldwide perspective. Together, attendees delved into the development trajectory of the global energy sector, aiming for sustainable growth and prosperity.


BNEF Summit stands out as a top-tier conference with focus on the renewable energy. During the partner spotlight on Nov 27th, Jimmy Xu, Chairman of Huasun Energy, outlined how Huasun is addressing the zero-carbon target through key technological breakthroughs and strategic layout. He also took the opportunity to highly recommend the world's FIRST G12R rectangular wafer module in the heterojunction (HJT) industry to the attendees.


The theoretical conversion efficiency of HJT solar cells is 29.2%, making it the technology closest to the theoretical limit of 29.4% for single-junction solar cells. It represents the ultimate technology for large-scale, low-cost, and high-efficiency production of single-junction solar cells. Additionally, it serves as the platform technology that can ultimately achieve a production efficiency of 35% for HJT perovskite tandem solar cells.


‘What we need to do is to unearth the generating potential of this perfect PN junction on the technical and engineering fronts,’ stated Jimmy. ‘This task is not easy, and since 1990, numerous research institutions, companies, and teams have been working tirelessly on it. Huasun Energy has finally found fundamental solutions on the engineering front, and achieved large-scale, high-efficiency, and low-cost production of heterojunction technology.’


China leads the photovoltaic (PV) industry with the most comprehensive solar industry supply chain in the world. The country has the largest market share in each category of PV silicon, wafers, cells, and modules. Amid rapid growth in the PV sector, Chinese companies have made some progress in setting new wafer sizes and module designs.


Among the questions facing the industry are how to strengthen the standards and boost innovation. At the same time, the industry must continue to enhance its competitiveness. Can the sector in China help realize the potential of the industry by actions such as promoting the standardization of HJT module size?


Huasun Energy, as a pioneer and innovator in the HJT industry, also presented its new 210R rectangular HJT module, cell and wafer during the BNEF Summit. Jimmy believes that these products, with more ideal sizes and higher efficiency designs, will support the further development of a mutually beneficial ecosystem in the PV industry.


On Nov 28th, during the themed lunch hosted by Huasun, the global debut of the Everest series G12R rectangular wafer module was officially unveiled to the public. Wenjing Wang, CTO of Huasun Energy, Matthew Jin, VP of Huasun Energy, Tracy Hong, Director of Pre-sales Technical and Product Support, Zelan Chen, China Business Director of BloombergNEF, revealed the G12R new product launch ceremony. 


Everest, the main peak of the Himalayas, not only symbolizes Huasun's fearless attitude in climbing the heights, but also represents its attitude to polish the products with extremely rigorous standards. Over the 3-years journey, from 400W to 750W, and from 500MW to 20GW, Huasun kept advancing.


In terms of the market prospect of G12R products, Matthew is unwavering in his belief that leveraging advantages such as the dual-sided structure of HJT cells, the G12R is poised to possess superior cost efficiency and higher system value, ushering in a new value for the HJT and the entire PV industry.


From a market perspective, Matthew states that HJT is highly welcomed in overseas markets, with customers generally having a deep understanding of HJT technology. Currently, Huasun is actively establishing an international team and constructing subsidiaries. Discussing future market expansion, Matthew indicates that Huasun will strategically position itself in Europe and North America. Considering the high cost and lengthy investment cycle of overseas manufacturing, coupled with relatively incomplete supply chains, Huasun will prioritize establishing a presence in high-premium markets like North America.


During the final Q&A session, the audience is curious about the G12R technology and its applications. The lively engagement and feedback from the attendees showed the substantial influence of G12R rectangular wafer module in the HJT sector. Looking forward, Huasun is set to deepen its vertical integration, and provide end-users with high-quality products and solutions to contribute to building the zero-carbon society.