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640W+23.7%! Huasun Unveils World’s First 210R HJT Rectangular Cell Modules


Everest, Himalayas’ Mount, the highest peak in the world, has inspired countless individuals to challenge themselves. The height of 8848m symbolizes not only courage and perseverance, but also innovation and transcendence. Everest G12R, the world’s first rectangular heterojunction (HJT) solar module series, was officially launched by Huasun Energy, the global leading provider of vertically integrated HJT products and services, on November 27th, 2023.




The Everest G12R Series modules are based on the HJT3.0 high-efficiency solar cell technology and feature 182mm*105mm rectangular cells. By integrating advanced processes including bifacial microcrystalline, SMBB, light conversion film and PIB, these modules are designed to achieve a minimum efficiency of 23% and a highest power output of 640MW, which is 20W more than other technology-based rectangular modules of the same type. The new product by Huasun helps more in realizing targets of high efficiency, high power, high reliability, high energy yield, low BOS, low LCOE for the photovoltaic power projects.


As a pioneer and innovator in heterojunction, Huasun is sparing no efforts in climbing the "Himalayas" towards the top of "Everest". We strive to develop products and refine technology to the strictest standards.


Available in Industry “Golden Size”, Performance Advantages of HJT Modules being Maximized

Featuring "four high" advantages of high efficiency, high power output, high bifaciality, and high reliability and "four low" characteristics of low temperature coefficient, low degradation rate, low carbon emissions and low temperature processing, HJT has been well recognized by the solar industry and become one of the mainstream n-type solar cell technologies.


Notably, the average efficiency in mass production of Huasun HJT cells has achieved 25.8% and the champion surpassed 26.2%. Based on these high-efficiency cells, and adoption of double-glass + PIB encapsulation, Huasun HJT modules have been continuously improved its capabilities in resisting UV, water vapor and hotspots, and have recently achieved a world record high power output of 750.544W with a conversion efficiency of 24.16%. Huasun has consistently ranked among the top 3 in TaiyangNews Highest Efficient Commercial Solar Modules List since September 2023.




To actively respond to the industry’s call for standard module size, and improve performance of heterojunction products in solar projects, Huasun has focused on the R&D of rectangular silicon wafers. Compared to the traditional 182mm square wafers, the new rectangular wafers with larger size have a power increase of approximately 40W, resulting in potential cost savings for BOS components like racking and cables. Keeping the same width of 1134mm, Huasun developed three versions of G12R modules with different lengths catering to various application scenarios:

  • G12R-96, “Earning Best Return for Residential”: max. power of 460W, highest efficiency of 23.02%; bring the family users with more financial returns with better dimensions and higher efficiency.

  • G12R-108, “Bifacial Power Generation Rising Star for C&I”: max. power of 520W, highest efficiency of 23.40%; the high bifaciality and strong weak light performance of heterojunction contribute to higher energy yield for Commercial and Industrial distributed solar projects.

  • G12R-132, “Model of Creating Best Value for Utility”: max. power of 640W, highest efficiency of 23.69%; comprehensive and powerful performances create the best value for large-scale utility solar projects.


IRR Increased by 3.9%, Creating Larger Value to All Application Scenarios



The adoption of Everest G12R modules can lead to increased project installed capacity, higher energy yield per watt, and improved overall performance. For example, using G12R-96 modules on residential rooftops can increase installed capacity by 7% compared to TOPCon modules, resulting in an additional 47,000 kWh of power generation over a 30-year lifespan. Similarly, the G12R-108 version designed for commercial and industrial rooftops offers an 8.9% increase in installed capacity and a 10.8% increase in total energy yield over 30 years. The G12R-132 modules for utility-scale projects provide a 3.2% increase in energy yield per watt and contribute to lower LCOE and higher IRR.


Huasun's Everest G12R Series modules also offer advantages in terms of transportation, installation, and maintenance due to their larger loading capacity. For instance, Everest G12R-132 could achieve 5% larger loading capacity than G10-144 for the same regular 40' HIGH-CUBE container.


The first batch of G12R HJT cells was successfully produced in Huasun’s Hefei base on October 29, and a total capacity of 12GW Everest G12R rectangular HJT cells and modules are planned from the manufacturing bases in Huasun Hefei, Wuxi and Xuancheng to ensure the sufficient supply in 2024. With the consistent improvement in equipment and processing like NBB and copper plating, the cells will perform better and better, and the modules could expect an average delivery power of 630MW.


With the release of the Everest G12R series, Huasun expands its HJT product portfolio, which consists of six mainstream module types including small versions G10-108 and G12R-196, medium versions G10-144 and G12R-108, and large versions G12-132 and G12R-132, covering power outputs ranging from 450W to 750W. Huasun is committed to paying attention to the needs of niche-market various application scenarios and serving the global clients with more diversified and valuable high-efficiency modules, jointly contributing to creating a zero carbon world for a sustainable future.


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