Huasun actively responds to climate change solutions, gathers the most experienced talents in HJT field, and forms a super R&D team led by authorities in the industry, to explore effective approaches to improve solar cell efficiency, and challenge the low-cost but productive mass production of HJT cells and modules.

Huasun owns a strong R&D team with more than 100 core technicians, including 1 chief scientist from National High-tech R&D program as well as National Key Basic Research Project, 2 leading talents in HJT field, 4 Ph.D and 33 masters. These team members, with average of 15 years experience in PV technology development and management in top companies, have participated in and led a number of projects of R&D and industrialization about silicon-based thin film and HJT cell, and successfully set a variety of records upon HJT cell efficiency in China as well as in the world.