IINP Mature Technology

The first IINP mass production

line, increasing the production

efficiency by 0.2%.

MES System

Precise management and control

by big data, tracking and

tracing single chips.

Low-cost Mass Production

The first to introduce silver-coated

copper paste and new

printing technology.

210mm HJT Production Line

The first GW-level high-capacity

production line of micro-crystalline

silicon process.

Huasun now owns 2.7GW capacity of high-efficient HJT solar cells and modules respectively. The company is the first one to apply the single-sided micro-crystalline technology in HJT mass manufacturing. Simultaneously, Huasun integrates R&D and industrialization of the industrial chain of HJT specific wafer, cell and module.

Huasun's factories are equipped with whole sets of temperature and humidity control equipment. All production lines are controlled by centralized software, and each production equipment can detect and report any faults online, ensuring product quality and improving production efficiency.