Huasun HJT solar cells have the merits of high conversion rate, low temperature coefficient, no PID, no LID, and uniform color, etc. Compared to other solar technologies, Huasun HJT cell production requires only four low-temperature process steps, resulting in higher productivity and lower loss. By using doped micro-crystalline silicon or doped micro-crystalline oxygen (silicon carbide) and further increasing the doping concentration, Huasun reduces the doped layer resistance and lifts the light transmission performance, thereby increasing the current density and cell efficiency.

Industrial Leading Temperature Coefficient

The temperature coefficient of HJT solar cell is as low as -0.26%/℃, which ensures higher power output and lower power loss in the high temperature environment.

Unique SMBB Technology

Less silver paste consumption

Higher cell efficiency

Lower cost

Better Performance in Power Generation

No LID, No PID, leads to lower power loss

Great weak light performance ensures higher power generation in low light environment

More Energy Yield

The natural bifacial symmetrical structure of HJT cells can raise the module bifaciality to over 85%, and gain more power output.

Himalaya Series
M6-12BB HJT Solar Cell

Wafer: N-type Wafer

Dimension: 166*166土0.25mm

Thickness: 140土14μm

Max. Power of Single Piece: 6.77W

Max. Efficiency: 24.7%

Himalaya Series
G12-15BB HJT Solar Cell

Wafer: N-type Wafer

Dimension: 210*105土0.25mm

Thickness: 130土20μm

Max. Power of Single Piece: 11.12W

Max. Efficiency: 25.2%