Huasun actively promotes the efficiency improvement and cost reduction of heterojunction technology, integrates the exploration and industrialization of the industrial chain of HJT specific wafer, cell and module, and simultaneously deploys the research and development of single-sided micro-crystalline, double-sided micro-crystalline, HBC, copper electroplating and heterojunction-perovskite tandem cells. While continuously lifting cell efficiency, Huasun has taken various measures to reduce HJT cost, such as thinning wafer, reducing silver paste consumption, increasing screen lifetime, optimizing cleaning process, improving target utilization and so on.

Huasun has introduced 130μm wafer into mass production in phase II factory, and is planning to achieve a wafer thickness of 125μm in 2022 Q4. The wafer thickness is expected to drop to 100μm in the future.

Huasun will adopt silver-coated copper on sub-grid on cell's backside in 2022 Q3. Combined with metal screen technology, the silver consumption of single chip is estimated to drop to 100mg. Huasun is planning to fully apply silver-coated copper paste combined with busbar-free technology in 2023, so that the silver consumption of single piece can be reduced to 70mg. In 2024, through the application of copper plating technology, the silver-containing paste will be completely replaced, and the silver consumption per watt will be reduced to 0mg.

Huasun aims to achieve 800W module power output and 28% cell efficiency by 2025 through the superposition of heterojunction and perovskite.